5 Planet Friendly Beauty Habits

Women endure a great deal of discomfort and indignities in the quest for beauty. As if plucking one’s brows, grating one’s feet, and ramming one’s cuticles back into the nail bed is not torturous enough, the “fairer” sex has also taken to having one’s pubic hairs yanked out with wax.

But the torment does not end there. The products that women use to bring out their natural beauty, in fact, have very little to do with nature. Chalked full of multi-syllabic mystery ingredients, the makeup, skincare, and body care products that women use are harmful to both their health and the environment.

5 Planet Friendly Beauty Habits


What is a girl to do?

Before you resign yourself to a beauty product-free future beleaguered by wrinkles, zits, and hairy bits, there is another option. By choosing natural products that respect both you and the environment, you can achieve your desired look without slapping on unpronounceable gook.

Make Your Own

You will be surprised to learn that you likely have a stash of possible beauty products in your kitchen pantry right this minute. Yes, tea bags are great for treating puffing eyes. Coconut oil makes a great hair conditioner. Honey is an excellent moisturizing mask. And, as Marie Claire offers, by mixing honey and lemon, you can blast your dastardly blackheads.

Shop Wisely

As long as women continue to purchase chemical-laden products, companies will continue to produce them. Collective Evolution’s Alanna Ketler tells “Changing Your Beauty Routine to Change the Planet” that you can vote for change with your dollar by switching to products that do not test on animals or use so many chemicals.

Not sure where to start? You may want to check out “10 Green Beauty Brands You Should Know” for a list of environmentally-friendly and nature-based cosmetics companies.


Most manufactured beauty products–yes, even the green ones–come with a certain amount of packaging. Instead, of foisting your empties on to your local landfill, you may want to choose a cosmetics company that offers a recycling program.

For instance, for every six empties you return to MAC, you will be rewarded with a free full-sized lipstick. And, as Cosmopolitan adds, Origins’ “Return to Origins” Recycling Program enables customers to toss the packaging from any brand into one of their recycling bins at over 450 locations.

Consume Less

By making wise consumer choices, you can save both the planet’s resources andyour most valuable resource–money. Rather than opting for disposable razors, pick a reusable one. Use washable makeup brushes instead of throw-away applicators. Choose bar soap over bottled liquids. And rely on an old-school face cloth instead of facial wipes.

Spread the Word

Before embarking on a change based on someone else’s say-so, you will need to conduct some research for yourself. Find out what those ingredients listed on your cosmetics packaging really are and what impact they have on your body and the environment. Identify viable alternatives that meet your individual needs. And, most of all, share what you learn.

5 Planet Friendly Beauty Habits


Opting for a healthier and greener beauty regime will not take away your plucking, scraping, or waxing woes, but it will help you avoid harmful toxins that can compromise your overall well-being. Say “goodbye” to tongue-tripping ingredients and “hello” to nature. Your body–and planet earth–will thank you.

What is your favorite natural beauty product? Why?

Kimberley Laws is a freelance writer and makeup artist who has earned many a free lipstick care of MAC. You can follow her at The Embiggens Project.

Images courtesy of Bigstockphoto.com

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