5 Best Career Choices When Making a Change in Your Mid-20’s

Are you feeling stuck at a dead-end job? Missing out on promotions and opportunities to advance? Feeling like you should be farther than you are? If so, it may be time to make a career change. Some fields end up being “blah” after only a few months or years. Changing careers in your twenties can seem like a daunting task, but it is often the best time to make this big move. Included here are a few of the best options for making a quick change to a new industry.

Medical Assistant

5 Best Career Choices When Making a Change in Your Mid-20's

Working as a medical assistant is the perfect career for those who enjoy interacting with people and learning new things. The medical field is constantly changing, so you will be able to enjoy long-term continued education. One of the best parts about this field is that you can begin a new job with this degree in only 16 months!

Commercial Diver

5 Best Career Choices When Making a Change in Your Mid-20's

Ever dream of a career as a scuba diver? While this industry does not include spending your days looking at tropical fish, you will get to spend most of your time underwater; building, repairing or removing large structures. Commercial divers get their certification in diving and usually only need a short period of training in a school or on-the-job. With significant growth expected in this industry, this may be just the time to get your feet wet!

Web Developer

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If you are already a tech-savvy individual, there may be plenty of opportunity within the web development sector for you. While some jobs prefer Bachelor’s degrees, often you can get by with only a 2 year degree or no formal training at all! If you are a capable individual willing to pursue your dream and exude confidence, you can likely land a high-paying job in this growing field.


5 Best Career Choices When Making a Change in Your Mid-20's

For those happiest working with their hands, a job as an electrician may be just what you need. Often a short stint at a trade school can prepare you for this lucrative career, or you may be able to just jump in as an apprentice. Look for locally-owned companies in your area who are more willing to help you grow from ground-level. This is a fairly secure industry with good wages for those who dedicate themselves.

Legal Assistants or Paralegals


If you have an interest in law and are passionate about days spent in the courtroom, this may be just the career for you. With a short stint in school, usually 2 years, paralegals can be out on the streets working in law offices. Most legal assistants spend their time doing legal research, document drafting and administrative tasks. The pay in this industry is quite lucrative, though, so it definitely offers a lot of bang for a short time spent in school.

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