Need A New Type Of Individuality For Your Brand? Try A Not-Com!

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As we all know the wave of the internet and mobile technology has made entrepreneurship a lot easier over the years.  With the ease of e-commerce or other online business models, there was a flood of .coms popping up in the “World Wide Web”.  Recently I discussed 3 Steps To Choosing The Right Website Address For Your Business or Brand, because I think choosing the right website address is a part of branding your business effectively.  With that said if you’ve been looking for a great way  to set your business apart from other businesses online, why not try a Not-Com? While .coms are familiar, sometimes you need that extra punch to give your business that individuality.  A not-com is a better choice for making you stand out.  The internet has been around for over 30 years at this point, and as with any other part of business it’s important to stay ahead of the curve and your competition.  Let’s checkout some benefits of having a not-com.

3 Steps To Choosing The Right Website Address For Your Business or Brand!

3 Reasons Why I Love Not-Com Options

  1. Availability:  Sometimes you’ve tried SEARCHING forever for a .com but it’s all grabbed up, lol. With a Not-Com there are more options available that are targeted to what you do.
  2. Straight Forward: I love how straight to the point not-coms are… I make pizza so why not do something like “YourBrand.Pizza” or if you’re a florist “YourBrand.Florist”.  Takes the guesswork out for potential customers.
  3. Unique: Let’s face it people like uniqueness, with a not-com you’ll have a well branded conversation starter on your hands.

Hopefully this is getting you thinking about how you can incorporate not-coms into your current business branding goals or even get you started on your future business ideas. I know it’s not always easy to know where to start from but, we’re always here to help.  To get a better idea of how other businesses are taking advantage of the not-com revolution we’ve got a few examples below.


Photo: Soul.Camp

First example I really loved is Soul Camp, they were able to use a not-com option that gave them a domain that’s easy to remember and directly related to their brand – www.Soul.Camp



Next up, Sustainable Valley Technology Group is a startup accelerator whose mission is to support a regional culture of entrepreneurship.  This non-profit found the perfect way to convey that they are a tech company using a not-com url – www.SustainableVallley.Technology


And for good measure I’ll give you one last example, hopefully it’ll spark a few ideas and get you ready to grab your not-com url today!


A little something for our coffee lovers, Driftaway Coffee shows a perfect example of how not-coms get straight to the point and help keep your branding clean.  Their domain is so easy to remember and is literally their brand name – www.Driftaway.Coffee

With not-coms the sky is the limit, whether you’re a guru, in fitness, want to start a blog about your dog there’s something for you!

Need New Type Of Individuality For Your Brand? Try A Not-Com!

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