Handmade Rugs: Learn A Few Things about Them

Rugs are integral to any house. They feature at our doorstops, color the hallway as well as keeping your legs warm when you are studying in the home library. However, they come in two broad types including machine-made and handmade. The latter are the most sought after rugs in the market. They retail quite higher due to the efforts, which are put into their production. They range from the Persian hand knotted rugs to the popular vintage Turkish handmade rugs. Below is all you need to know about handmade rugs:

Before we delve into the types of handmade rugs, let’s explore some of their applications.

The multiple uses of rugs

Whether you have an apartment or a home, you can use rugs in your abode in various ways. First, they can be used to cover certain areas, which are plain. The rug contributes character and color to the space. Besides, rugs are used to provide warmth to the occupants. Good and comfortable handmade vintage patchwork rugs can change your experience in the kitchen as you stand, when preparing a meal. In addition, handmade rugs work best for areas that experience much traffic such as the hallway and at the main entrance. Depending on the material of the rug, it can stand the pressure of the weather and the dust brought in from outside for some years.

Handmade Rugs: Learn A Few Things about ThemHandmade Rugs: Learn A Few Things about Them

 Handmade Rugs: Learn A Few Things about ThemHandmade Rugs: Learn A Few Things about Them

House rugs especially handmade rugs can be used to accentuate your home. Most of them such as Turkish patchwork rugs come in a variety of patterns and colors. You can use the rugs, to decorate your home. You only need to consider your home’s décor theme when you are shopping for the rugs.  Rugs can also be used to extend carpets and they work remarkably. Last but not the least, owing to the meaningful patterns, which characterize most handmade rugs, you can use them to display your personality.

Available types of handmade rugs

Before, you venture into handmade rugs collection, it is important to learn the glossary. That way, you can comfortably shop without being duped by salespersons. Actually, the rugs fall under two categories including design and style. Based on the technique and the design used in the craft, we have abrash. This rug composes of different colors, owing to the various wools used in weaving it.  Its character comes out clearly, when the wool is dyed before weaving.

Flat weave is another popular term in the world of handmade rugs. Just as their name suggests, the rugs are leaner and lighter, since they are woven but not knotted. They are used across the globe as foot mats, prayer mats as well as wall tapestries. These rugs come from most Mideastern countries, although today, the manufacturers have turned to machines, making them less expensive. Nonetheless, the machine made rugs cannot beat the hand-woven ones. This styles is often called Kilim and it features medallions, diamonds and other geometric figures. It is common in Turkish vintage rugs, Persian, Balkans and Eastern Europe. The Indian Dhurrie also uses the flat weave technique.

Handmade Rugs: Learn A Few Things about ThemOverdyed rugs are other type of handmade rugs. They are actually the hand-woven rugs, with numerous patterns and colors, but dyed to give them one color, for a more modern look. The overdyed vintage rugs are a good example.  This technique can also be used to salvage a dilapidated rug, to give it a new lease of life.  An overdyed rug is much easier to include it in the house décor rather than one with multiple colors. The covered colors will still show under the dye coating, giving it a vintage appearance.


Handmade Rugs: Learn A Few Things about Them

Pile weave is another common term; you will hear being used in most handmade markets. This kind of a rug is knotted instead of being woven. It consists of three piles including the base threads, which make the foundation and a woven layer, which is a cushion. The third layer is the ends of the knots and it is often termed as the pile of the rug.  The Khotan, Mamluk, Oushak and Beni Ourian are great examples.  Vintage patchwork rugs are also an example of pile rugs. While they feature patterns, they are not as multi-patterned as the Kilims.
Handmade Rugs: Learn A Few Things about ThemIn addition, when you are buying a handmade rug, you may want to go for one with a particular level of sheen. This simply refers to the change in the depth and brightness of colors, based on the angle from which the knots were tied. If you do not see this amazing experience, it may mean that the rug lacks high level of sheen. Sheen is a common characteristic in woolen and silk rugs. The Indian Sari Silk is a good example. It is has a top level of sheen.


Handmade Rugs: Learn A Few Things about ThemHandmade Rugs: Learn A Few Things about Them

Lastly, it is the convectional oriental /Persian handmade rug. They feature a border and their entire design is positioned at the center of either a diamond or a medallion. They are heavily patterned and with multiple designs. Often, they feature dull colors as compared to vibrant colors found on contemporary house rugs.

Handmade Rugs: Learn A Few Things about Them

How to alienate handmade from machine-made rugs

To someone who is new to handmade rugs, it is hard to tell, an authentic handmade rug.  For a novice, all Turkish patchwork rugs will look similar.  However, there are differences. The most obvious, is the rough edges, which are a definitive characteristic of most handmade rugs. On the other hand, machine made rugs are well trimmed. The price is another comparative element, when you are shopping for a handmade rug. Be it overdyed Turkish rugs or vintage Turkish rugs, they tend to price higher than their machine counterparts do.

The back of the rug, should also tell you volumes about a rug. Smooth and even weaving, depict machine work whereas uneven weaving shows that the rug is hand-woven.  With that, you can buy your handmade rugs from an online rug store and make an authentic collection of the same.

Handmade rugs are great additions to your home. They are of top-notch quality. They also enshrine the culture and heritage of the people, from the region they came from. Besides, they feature unique designs, inspired by various personalities of the hand weavers, which you will not find in a machine-made rug.

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