Grabbing the Gusto: Tips for Living Like a Celebrity

We are all familiar with the celebrity lifestyle of endless parties, exotic holidays, and new designer outfits every day. For many of us, it is a dream that we can only aspire to. But there are some ways that you can emulate the lifestyle of a celebrity without splashing huge amounts of cash.

Shop in the Right Places

Grabbing the Gusto: Tips for Living Like a Celebrity

You do not have to spend thousands of dollars on designer clothes every time you go shopping. Instead, choose the right stores—like TJ Maxx—and you can get designer clothing for a lot less. Or just head online and hunt out some bargains, especially items that are out of season. Even on Amazon you can find some great deals, and you never know what you’ll find on eBay.

Work Out

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Celebrities always seem to look good, and that’s because many of them spend a lot of time and effort on their appearance. This involves staying in good shape, which is something anyone can do. It does not cost much to join a gym, and it does not cost anything to go running. You can even follow workouts that have be inspired by celebrities.

Make Going Under the Knife More Affordable

Celebrities have another tactic they use to make them look better—plastic surgery. Even as they get older, they still manage to look amazing, and this is something that even fitness fanatics cannot always do.

The problem for many non-celebrities is the cost involved in some procedures. After all, surgery doesn’t exactly come cheap. However, there are ways to make it more affordable.

For example, you could go for a cheaper option like Botox, which can still make a huge difference to your appearance. And even if you want to undergo a surgical procedure at a clinic like, there are ways to make it more affordable.

These could include taking out a medical credit card, which could provide you with a good financing option. So look at your options and consider ways that you can make plastic surgery a more realistic option.

Go Hunting for Luxury Vacations

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Celebrities love their luxury vacations, and with a bit of searching, you can find special offers on the same destinations. You could travel slightly out of season to find better deals, or you could search online for last-minute special offers. That way you can head to the same resorts as the celebs but spend a lot less on your vacation.

Invest in Luxury Home Items

Whenever a magazine or TV program ventures into a celebrity’s home, a whole array of luxurious items await within, including home movie theaters, wine cellars, solariums, and home gyms.

You might not live in a mansion, but you can still enjoy such perks. Again, search for bargains and you may well be able to find some great deals. You could also buy second-hand items that look like new, and then you can deck your house out like a celebrity for a fraction of the cost.

You Can Live Like a Celebrity for Less

The celebrity lifestyle may seem unattainable, and that is why it is so attractive to so many of us. But there are certainly ways that you can enjoy elements of the celebrity world without being a celebrity—or even being rich—yourself. So whether it’s keeping in shape, wearing luxury outfits, or getting some plastic surgery, have a think about how you could enjoy the celebrity lifestyle for less.

Dr Kevin M. Ruhge is an Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon. He is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and is always keen to take the opportunity to share his views and research with an online audience. He has already written a number of articles about reconstructive surgery.

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