Hair Loss For Women: Tips For Thicker and Fuller Hair w/#Giveaway

I’ve often said that one of the hardest things about being a woman is having to pretend we don’t do or experience things that are natural as humans.  From periods and unwanted hair growth to hair loss women are often forced to suffer in silence and just figure out viable solutions on our own.

With that said, Women’s hair loss and thinning should not be a taboo topic… and if it’s something you’re dealing with, know that you’re NOT alone and there is a great solution for you! When I was contacted about the chance to share Women’s ROGAINE® Foam with you all I was excited and nervous because I knew I would be sharing my own personal struggle with hair loss and thinning.

Hair Loss For Women: Tips For Thicker and Fuller Hair with Giveaway

Did you know that  1 in 3 women will notice thinning hair and hair loss caused by hereditary hair loss in their lifetime? With numbers that high it’s a wonder we’re not discussing this more openly, in fact this hair loss can begin as early as one’s 20s. I didn’t realize my own reality until I began noticing my hair thinning in the front around age 27.

a look at my thinning hair before I started taking care of it

Hair Loss For Women: Tips For Thicker and Fuller Hair w/#Giveaway

after hair vitamins and care

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It wasn’t something I had discussed with other women because I felt ashamed to some extent… I then had to have a talk with my mother and learned it was something she and some of her sisters had dealt with too. Stress triggers the issue and makes it worse, so I had to learn how to take better care of my body and start taking hair vitamins to strengthen my hair.

Hair Loss For Women: Tips For Thicker and Fuller Hair w/#Giveaway

The key to managing hereditary hair loss is treating it at the earliest signs. With Women’s ROGAINE® Foam, which is clinically proven to regrow hair in 81%* of women.  New hairs were reported to grow in up to 48%** thicker than before. Women’s ROGAINE® Foam works to tackle the 4 main signs of aging hair: loss of pigment, decrease in moisture and oil production, changes in texture and inactive follicles resulting in thinning and loss of density.

To help out one of our Lifers, we’re giving away a YEAR supply of Women’s ROGAINE® Foam!

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We had the pleasure of asking Celebrity Stylist Jill Crosby a few questions about hair loss and what her favorite style  is, be sure to check out what she had to say below!

Jill Crosby Q&A

Q1. What inspired you to become a stylist?

A1. Honestly , I loved getting my hair cut when I was growing up. I find that when people love something when they are young it can inspire them and guide them into a field.

Q2. What’s the toughest thing you have witnessed about women dealing with hair loss or hair thinning?

A2. The emotional aspect of it seems to be one of the biggest hurdles these women face. It is scary and painful. Women’s ROGAINE® Foam understands this and wants to take the vail of pan and often shame away and bring them back into the conversation of beauty and well being.

Q3. What beauty tips do you have for women who are dealing with hair loss?

A3. More than tips , my advice would be to reach out and talk to professionals about their needs . Talk to a Dermalogist, their Stylist , and start with a regrowth treatment early . The earler you start the better the results .

Q4. What advice do you have about wearing a wigs or extensions?

A4. If you use hair peices , make sure they do not pull or rub causing tension  as this could lead to more loss.

Q5. What are your favorite styles for this Fall or Winter?

A5. Long choppy shaggy shoulder length cuts are my favorite right now.

Q6. What advice do you have for our reader in Your Life After 25?

A6. I think when a women embraces what she loves and sports that to the world , she will feel beautiful no matter what is on the pages of a magazine.

As a bonus check out this video with Hair Styles For

Thinning Hair from Jill Crosby!

Share Your Personal Healthy Hair Tips & Advice!

Women’s ROGAINE® Foam product was provided by the brand. I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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