3 Great Party Ideas For Twenty-Somethings And Beyond!

Even in life in your twenties, the bar scene can get old pretty quickly, and you may still want to spend time with groups of friends, and maybe even still have a drink or two. However, you want to do this the adult way, not the drunk way that the bar tends to lead to.

There are all sorts of types of parties you can attend that offer more than just the craziness of the bar scene. They might be much quieter and they’ll definitely have less drunken brawls and broken bottles. If you’re past keggers and frat parties, here are some great get-together ideas for you.

3 Great Party Ideas For Twenty-Somethings And Beyond!


Attend fundraisers for something to do, and they often come with some complimentary drinks or an open bar. Not only does a fundraiser offer you a chance to get out and meet new people and spend time with your peers, it also allows you to do something good, since the purpose is to raise funds for something.

Make sure you take money with you if the fundraiser has a donation box or a silent auction. You may have already spent money on your entrance ticket, but it’s worth it to participate and have some fun for a good cause.

Drinks And Art

3 Great Party Ideas For Twenty-Somethings And Beyond!

Attend an art opening or sign up for a class where you can drink wine/beer/mixed drinks while you paint something interesting or amazing with your friends (or strangers). Wine and canvas type places have been popping up all over for the last few years. They allow even the most novice painter to create something amazing while enjoying libations and comradery.

You could attend an art opening, if you enjoy art and art talk. You might even get some wine and cheese! And it’s a great chance to meet artists, which happens a lot at galleries like Park West Gallery in Detroit, and other great people that may have similar interests as you.

Direct Sales

3 Great Party Ideas For Twenty-Somethings And Beyond!

Direct sales businesses have come a long way since the days of Tupperware and Avon (although both of those are still around). While these types of parties are more for the twenty-something woman, you will still have fun.

If you are looking for a little intimate fun, attend a Pure Romance party and get something fun to take home for yourself or your significant other. Or try an It Works party if you want to look more slender and get more energy and vitamins. There are plenty of options, and they usually includes some snacks and cocktails.

As you can see, there are plenty of great options for a night out that doesn’t include getting wasted at the bar. You just might learn something new, find a fun new hobby, and maybe even make some new friends.

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