A Tasty And Easy Way For Moms To Chews To Help Your Baby Grow!

The decision to start a family or have another baby is such an important and exciting moment in our lives. There are so many things to prepare for and think about from baby names, to baby room decor… at least these are the things that we often discuss.  However, the most important thing to prepare for is how to keep your baby safe and healthy from day one.

A Tasty And Easy Way For Moms To Chews To Help Your Baby Grow!

It’s truly a miracle when you think about the idea of growing a whole human being inside a woman’s body. But as we think of this miracle we also have to consider what is needed for your baby to grow.  A growing baby needs calcium to build a healthy heart, as well as teeth, bones, muscles, and nerves. Knowing this it’s surprising to hear that around 68% of women, in general, are calcium deficient. During pregnancy a woman should be getting at least 1000mg of calcium daily. Calcium isn’t made within in your body, so it must be introduced by outside sources such as your diet or supplements.  If you are not able to get this within your normal diet it’s important to use a supplement to fulfill that need.

Since it’s fall/winter time or what I like to call baby making season, I wanted to make sure you are all well prepared for helping your future babies grow healthily from the start. I’ve recently stumbled across an easy to take and tasty calcium chew called Viactiv.  It comes in chocolate or caramel, both were quite delicious and something you can easily add to your daily routine. 68% of  OB/GYN’s surveyed recommend pregnant women take a calcium supplement during pregnancy.  How can you argue with numbers like that? Furthermore,  if you don’t get enough nutrients in your diet, your baby’s calcium needs will be met by taking calcium from your bones.

According to Heidi DillerRDNViactiv’s nutritional expert, there are some key nutrients that she believes may require supplementation if a mother’s diet is not optimal or is impacted, such as with morning sickness.  These include; Iron, Vitamin D, Calcium, Folic Acid, and Iodine.  But of course it’s very important that you speak your healthcare provider before taking any supplements, especially when you’re pregnant.

When you take one Viactiv Calcium Soft Chew, which provides 500 mg of calcium and 500 IU of Vitamin D, twice daily you’ll be receiving 100% of the daily needed calcium for most women plus vitamins D and K.

So when it comes to preparing for your new baby, yes it’s fun to think about baby names, room colors and all those wonderful things but be sure to also think about preparing for you and your baby’s health.  With Viactiv you have a tasty and easy way to “Chews” to be healthy!

Viactiv is available at major retailers nationwide including CVS, Rite Aid, Target, Walgreens and Walmart, as well as supermarkets nationwide. You can click here to Save $2 on your next Viactiv Calcium Soft Chews when you print this coupon.

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Viactiv Calcium Soft Chews are available in milk chocolate and caramel flavors at major retailers including CVS, Rite Aid, Target, Walgreens and Walmart, as well as supermarkets nationwide. Save $2 on your next in-store purchase with the Viactiv printable coupon.   

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This is a product-provided, sponsored conversation on behalf of Viactiv that contains affiliate links. I received Viactiv products for my own personal use. Please speak with your healthcare provider regarding any medical concerns. This post is not intended to address or diagnose any medical conditions. All opinions, text and experiences are my own. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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