7 Enchanting Corsets to Wow this Valentine’s Day: Win A Violet Vixen Valentine Corset #Giveaway!

So my love for corsets is no secret now. They’re pretty sexy, can be classy, dressy, casual, cute… and are the absolute perfect piece to wear to wow someone special on Valentine’s Day. Here are a few of my favorite looks for Valentine’s Day enchantment.

Absolute Cherry Pop Red-White Corset

This corset somehow makes me think of a sexy carhop. Great for Valentine’s Day in red, there is also a cotton candy pink option that adds a little bit of cuteness to this style.

 Dragon Lace Cupcake Pink Corset

A little bit romantic pink, a little bit sultry black lace. Perfect not just for Valentine’s Day, but any time of the year, really.

 Laced Cloud Black Corset

Still one of my absolute favorite corsets Violet Vixen carries. This one screams romance to me. Beautiful, sexy, classy. Want a guy’s opinion? It’s my husband’s favorite, too.

 Lady of Roses Pink-Red Corset

There’s no denying the romantic appeal of the Lady of Roses corset. Sweet and innocent… with a naughty side underneath 😉

 Love Triangle Number 9

Nothing innocent about this one… This corset is ALL sex appeal and delicious naughtiness. Beautiful!

 Marilyn’s Starlight Seduction

Victorian style romance at it’s finest. Sweet, stunning, beautiful, and a little bit different with its straps.

 Pinup Doll Red Corset

The perfect red color corset for Valentine’s Day, sweet and romantic with its lace and bow. The Pinup Doll corset is also available in pinkhot pink, and a few other, less Valentine-ish colors.

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