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Pamper Your Partner: Give The Gift Of A Soothe Massage! #Giveaway

I was given a free 90 minute massage, all opinions are my own.

Valentine’s day is near so we definitely wanted to share a great last minute gift with readers that is easy to give to your significant other.  However, I also wanted to emphasize the beauty of this particular service for any occasion and even just for your own personal self care.

When I talk to most friends, family or even a lot of our readers, I’m always hearing about how we’re all dealing with our trials and stress.  So many of us keep busy schedules and rarely find time to pamper ourselves.  That’s why I think giving the gift of a massage can be a great way to go and if you want to take it a step further for Valentine’s Day you can even consider a couples massage.  This past Sunday I had the opportunity to try out a great mobile massage service called Soothe, that you can have done at home or even at work.

Pamper Your Partner: Give The Gift Of A Soothe Massage! #Giveaway

Soothe delivers a licensed, vetted, certified massage therapist to your home, office or hotel room, with as little as 60 minutes advance notice. Services include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports and Couples massage, in treatment lengths of 60-90-120 minutes for a fixed fee that includes gratuity and taxes ($99-$139-$169). Their hours are 8 am – midnight daily.

Pamper Your Partner: Give The Gift Of A Soothe Massage! #Giveaway

People can book 24-7 via the iOS or Android app, online, or via the toll-free number during business hours. It’s consistently received 5 star reviews.

Pamper Your Partner: Give The Gift Of A Soothe Massage! #Giveaway

To try out the service I was given a 90 minute Swedish massage, above you can see how the details of my appointment show up on the phone app.  And then to the right you can see the bio/profile of my massage therapist Sarina.  She was AMAZING!  When she arrived she setup in my living room, which is where I chose to have my service completed.  Sarina then asked me to select a massage scent and music that would relax me the most.  I selected lavender massage oil and went with a Maxwell playlist.  After my massage I felt like BUTTER!

Honestly, I had a wonderful experience with the service and definitely plan to use it more in the future for myself and as a gift to friends and family.  Would make for a great Mother’s day gift ;).  I appreciated the variety of massage types and that I could choose whether I wanted a male or female massage therapist. As always we wanted to give one of our lucky readers a chance to win a 60 minute Soothe Massage! Enter below

Soothe currently serves Los Angeles, Orange County, New York, Chicago, Boston, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Austin, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Washington D.C., Seattle, Vancouver (British Columbia), Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, and Atlanta. 

Your Life After 25's Rest and Relaxation Free Massage Giveaway!

02/11/16 – 03/11/16

One (1) winner receives:

$60 Soothe Massage

Giveaway open to USA & CAN

Pamper Your Partner: Give The Gift Of A Soothe Massage! #Giveaway

Click Here To Get Your FREE $30 Massage Credit From Soothe

or Use WHMHO when you sign up!

Share which massage you would choose if you win and why you want to win!

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  • Charles and Katreia

    I would choose a Deep Tissue Massage! I want to win because I haven’t had a day to pamper myself since I had my 14 month old daughter!

  • Jodi Boulier

    Getting older isn’t very fun at all….I would love a relaxing massage for my spine since I suffer from spinal stenosis and have lots of issues with my legs and arms. I miss my massages. I used to go to the School of Massage and get them at a discounted rate and I was the perfect person for the students to learn on. I would love a relaxing massage!

  • I’d love to choose a couples massage for our 2/23 anniversary!

  • Kathy Hoffer

    I would love a deep tissue massage and so would my ex-football player fiance!

  • sandra

    I want to try the deep tissue massage

  • Steve Cherrix

    i would love to give this to my fiance’

  • Jennifer George

    I would choose a deep tissue massage. I sit at a computer all day at my job and my neck and back often feel stiff. Haven’t had a massage in years.

  • Jo-Ann Brightman

    I think I would choose a deep tissue massage for myself or for my husxband since we both suffer from arthritis.

  • Laura

    I would choose the deep tissue massage because it sounds so relaxing!

  • melanie h

    I would get a deep tissue massage because my back constantly hurts from sitting on a computer chair all day!

  • Angela bauer

    Since me hun works 80 hours a wk delivering the mail I’d go for the couples full body massage I’d pay what ever I had to for him on vday:*)

  • Tiffany Dover

    definitely a deep tissue massage! As a mom to two young boys, I could certainly use a massage!

  • Marlene V.

    Deep Tissue – I have some sore muscles that could use this.

  • Noelle Carroll

    For sure the Deep Tissue Massage 🙂 I have two little ones who keep me very stressed like its their job

  • SBY616

    I need this so badly! deep tissue!

  • rosemary


  • Jana Cleveland

    I never had a massage before, this would be great!

  • Sylvana

    Swedish or deep tissue massage please!

  • Edmond Leung

    OMG, deep tissue. . Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. 🙂

  • Anita

    Deep Tissue to get right in there lol

  • Lexi Guardado

    This would be for my momma who works tirelessly and who could benefit from the deep tissue massage after many falls.

  • Angela Mason

    I would love to be able to get a couples massage with my hard working husband. I thank you kindly for the opportunity! have a great Day!!

  • Mindi Eden

    I would LOVE a deep tissue massage!

  • Koma

    I would love to have a deep tissue massage, because my body gets so sore and stiff!

  • steve weber

    I would go for the swedish massage.

  • Jodi Hunter

    I would go with the couples massage, get my romance on.

  • Valerie Schlicht-Conway

    Absolutely the deep tissue massage!

  • Corey Olomon

    I would go for the deep tissue.

  • PhancyPheet

    I would get the deep tissue massage.