No-Pose Wedding Day Photo Tips: Creating Your Own Kind of Amazing

Your photographs play a big part in your wedding celebrations. But there is one problem with wedding photos: they can often come across as boring and posed. So how do you avoid this problem?

Here are some techniques that you could discuss with your photographer to ensure your wedding photos are fun, interesting, and original.

No-Pose Wedding Day Photo Tips: Creating Your Own Kind of Amazing

Seek Out an Interesting Location

If you are getting married in a popular location, it’s almost guaranteed that many couples will choose the same spots for their wedding photos. Do something different by seeking out some original locations that are not obvious wedding photo choices. You will get some far more interesting results this way, and you will be sure that your wedding photos are original.

Add Fun Props

Rather than the stiff and formal wedding photographs we are used to, why not add some fun to proceedings by getting everyone in the photo to add a funny prop. Collect together some items of fancy dress beforehand, then share them out just before you take the photo. The result will be far more interesting than the standard photos, and you could even put the normal photo and the fun photo next to each other in the photo album. You can find some great ideas for props on Pinterest, so check these out for some inspiration.

Use Some Sparklers

If your wedding celebration will take place after dark, you could add some sparklers to the mix and create some truly spectacular photos. Sparklers are simple props that you can use in a wide range of shots, from the bride and groom sharing one, to the bridesmaids waving them around and making shapes in the air.

You’ll want to make sure your photographer knows how to capture the images properly, and you’ll also want to get a good supply of high-quality sparklers (visit these guys at for some ideas) to make sure you have enough for everyone on the day.

Let People Take Their Own Photos

If you want to get truly original results, consider providing a Polaroid camera to the guests, alongside some fun props, and let them snap away all night. Once the party is over, collect together the resulting photos and put them together in an album. It will tell a wonderful story of the night, and everyone will want to see the photos.

Trash-the-Dress Photos

This one’s not for everyone, but it could be a great option if you are brave. The trash-the-dress trend essentially involves destroying the wedding dress, often by throwing brightly colored paint over it. This is obviously one for the end of the party, and the results can be spectacular if you get it right (and, of course, if you have no desire to keep your wedding dress).

If you do want to keep your dress, consider using water instead of paint. For example, you and the groom could jump into a nearby lake, or get someone to tip a bucket of water over you. Here are some great examples for some inspiration.

Frame Your Guests

A simple but effective idea is to get a large, empty picture frame, which the bride and groom can then hold. Further back, position a group of guests so that they fit into the picture frame, and it will look like the couple are holding a picture of their guests.

Wear Fun T-Shirts Underneath the Suits

Here’s one for the men. Get the groom and all of his friends to wear a fun t-shirt underneath each shirt. That way, during the event at some point, you can set up a photo of them all opening their shirts to reveal the fun and bright designs underneath to provide a contrast to the more formal attire of the day.

Role Reversal

Another great option is to switch the roles of the men and the bridesmaids around. For example, you could take a photo of the groom throwing the bouquet to their male friends, or have the bridesmaids all standing around smoking cigars. There are countless options here, so see what you can come up with.

No-Pose Wedding Day Photo Tips: Creating Your Own Kind of Amazing

Take Some Photographs to Remember

These are a few ideas that you may want to consider to ensure your wedding photographs come out fun and original rather than the same posed photos that everyone else has. Talk to your photographer about using some of these techniques, and enjoy having an original photo album that you can enjoy looking back on for years to come.

Jannet Hart is a wedding photographer who enjoys working with couples to create lasting memories, that are unique to them and their loved ones. She occasionally writes photography and wedding related articles.

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