7 Hot Ways to Wear Jewelry in the Summer

The summer season is approaching and when the weather heats up you want to look cool and trendy – so what jewelry should you be wearing to accessorize your favorite summer outfit?

There are a lot of hot summer jewelry trends that you will absolutely love and you’ll have a blast experimenting with different looks this season. Here are some ideas to inspire you when you are putting together your outfits this summer.

Check Out Charm Bracelets

7 Hot Ways to Wear Jewelry in the Summer

Long Way® Gold Plated Snake Chain Glass Crystal Beads “I Love You” Charm Beaded Bracelets for Women

You might remember charm bracelets from your childhood – the cute jangling charms that dangled from your wrist. Each one has a specific meaning and significance, representing something important in your life. Well, the charm bracelet trend is back and Chlobo designer jewellery has a wide range of beautiful silver and gold bracelets and charms to choose from. These bracelets really are special because they are one of a kind and you can gather a collection of charms on your Chlobo charm bracelet that is unique to you and your personal style.

Wear a Combined Bracelet and Ring

Another hot trend this summer is the style of bracelet that combines a bracelet and a ring with a chain. This combination was trendy many years ago and now it is back in style. With this style you are sure not to lose the ring because it will always be attached to your bracelet.

Give Anklets a Try

7 Hot Ways to Wear Jewelry in the Summer

BeOne®2015 New Unique Bohemia Two Piece Flower Charm Tassel Chain Turquoise Beads Sandal Anklet

One of the hottest jewelry trends for summer is the anklet, a fun and flirty piece of jewelry.  In the summer months you will be wearing shorts and skirts and exposing your legs, so decorating your ankle with a little bit of jewellery is perfect. There are so many different styles of anklets, from leather bands to metal chains to woven fabric, so you are sure to find something that fits your style.

Go For Natural Materials

When it comes to jewelry in the summer months, the trend is to move away from metals such as gold and silver and go for natural materials such as leather, stone, crystal and wood. These types of jewelry look amazing with casual beachwear or a flowing maxi dress and they will give you a laid back, carefree bohemian vibe.

The Nautical Jewelry Trend

Another one of the hottest trends this year for the summer months is nautical jewelry. This can be bracelet charms in the shape of anchors or sailboats, a necklace with a compass or any other type of jewellery that is inspired by sailing, ships and the ocean. This jewellery has a fresh and playful look and will be very stylish and trendy, so it’s definitely worth investing in a few of these pieces this summer.

Statement Necklaces

7 Hot Ways to Wear Jewelry in the Summer

Mandy Vintage Design Silver Turkish Necklace, 50+8 cm Extender

A large and dramatic statement necklace can be one of the best ways to make a fashion impression in the summer months. You can have a simple summer outfit, such as a sundress or a t-shirt and shorts, a pair of flats and a cute purse. However, when you add a bold statement necklace it will turn the outfit into a very eye-catching look. When you go for a statement necklace, keep the rest of the jewelry in your outfit small and subtle so that the necklace is the focal point and the overall look doesn’t get too overwhelming.

Layered Bracelets and Rings

Why wear one ring and one bracelet, when you could layer several on top of each other to create a hot and trendy summer look? The layered look can be very chic and stylish, but it has to be done right. Make sure that you choose rings and bracelets that are tied together visually – for example they all use the same metal or they all feature the same color. Even if you layer on an excessive amount of bracelets and rings they will look great together if they are visually unified.

These are just a few of the hottest jewellery trends for 2016. When it comes to wearing chic jewelry, the looks change with the season and there is always something new in fashion. Part of the fun is reinventing your look every so often so that you can stay on the cutting edge of style. Who knows what cool looks next season will bring?

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