Sore Muscles? Here are 5 Remedies from Mother Nature!

You are probably among millions of other people who resolved to hit the gym this year and shed off a few pounds. Maybe you just want to maintain your trim physique or you might be a professional athlete. Wherever you fall, sore muscles and cramps after training and sweating are inevitable. It is a necessary evil.

However, you shouldn’t use this as an excuse for not hitting the gym, cycling or even going for a run. As you motivate yourself with the ‘no good comes without pain’ or ‘Rome wasn’t built in one day’ mantras, here are natural ways to relive the pain:

Sore Muscles? Here are 5 Remedies from Mother Nature!

Heat/ Cold

You have definitely seen and heard about this natural way of relieving sore muscles. Well, it works and you should do this after a workout. Take a hot/ warm shower after that run to relax your muscles. Depending on your tolerance to the degree of hotness, set your shower to your preferred temperature and heal those muscles.

In case of inflammation or bruising, take an ice pack or a frozen pack of peas from your freezer and put it on the affected area.


Sore Muscles? Here are 5 Remedies from Mother Nature!

Muscle overuse can result in very painful cramps and sore muscles. Natural essential oils are used in most aromatherapeutic spas and sessions because of the healing effects of the oils.

A mix of spearmint, peppermint and Plai in aromatherapy creams/ oils offers perfect relief to your sore muscles because of their natural relaxing properties. A spa or home bath with a product that has these oils and salts will infuse all natural pain relief to your muscles.

You may also ask your aromatherapist to use massage oil with chamomile, lavender, sweet marjoram, eucalyptus, rosemary and thyme so as to relax your sore muscles.

Epsom salts

Magnesium, the main component of Epsom salts, is an effective and natural muscle relaxer. It is very essential for normal and healthy muscles and helps in muscle contraction and relaxation. Add some to your warm bathing water.

For ladies, especially the ones who work out with makeup on, you must take extra precaution. Use a natural eye makeup remover to remove all the makeup. Some of the chemicals, though not necessarily, may react with the salts irritating your skin. Epsom salts give your sore muscles all natural pain relief.



Unless your doctor decreed that you cannot use caffeine for health reasons, this is nature’s natural therapy and cure for you muscle cramps. Taking coffee after your morning run will not only awaken your wits but relax the sore muscles. Caffeine blocks adenosine, which is released in response to injury. This gives you relief.

You might also consider sipping a cup or two before a workout session. It builds up your muscles’endurance. However, you shouldn’t go overboard with coffee; too much caffeine causes muscle spasms.

Apple Cider Vinegar

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This is a wonder product that will offer your muscles the much-needed relief. It has rejuvenating and cleansing properties catalyzed by enzymes and essential minerals. Add some to your bath water and let Mother Nature’s miracles work.


With all the agonizing pain, stiffness and discomfort after working out, you will be tempted to just sit or sleep it off. However, moving around will relieve your muscles faster.  This is not to say that you shouldn’t rest. You need rest too. Muscles heal during rest.

Regardless how you feel, doyour best to keep fit but do not overdo it. You could pull a muscle or worse, making all your efforts go to waste if you end up being hospitalized. Also adhere to a beauty regimen that promotes use of natural remedies.

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Sujain Thomas is a fitness trainer and an aromatherapist. She has worked with the best teams around the world and offers expert advice to beginner and experienced trainers. she is an advocate for natural remedies to relieve pain and is the minds behind top aromatherapy baths featured in Visit her blog to read more about her and natural fitness and relaxation techniques.

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