Spring Fresh Fashion & Beauty Looks for After 25

This season will definitely take us back to past, because trends from 50s, 70s 80s and 90s will rule the streets this spring. The throwback styles will leave you speechless, and ready to put on any clothing item from suede skirts, bra tops to Cuban collar shirts and army green outfits. It will be truly versatile season, when everyone could enjoy his or her favorite fashion trend.

Fashion Trends

Crochet shorts, skirts, and tops found their way to our hearts, and luckily, we will have the opportunity to enjoy them in the season to come as well. The 70s trend has become ever-present, so suede and ruffles are making a comeback as well. Everything from bags, tops skirts, and jackets is going to be suede. Speaking of 70s, fringe made their way back and stuck on to jackets, footwear, skirts, and shorts, you name it. No way will you be able to get rid of fringe any time soon.

Spring Fresh Fashion & Beauty Looks for After 25

To spice it up a bit, designers made sure that orange, red, and yellow ruffles become the next big thing this season. Ruffles will add just the right amount of Latin touch to a dress, shirt, or a skirt, and you will love it.

Long sleeveless vest will be a real treat for tall girls. This trendy piece of clothes comes in different colors and fabrics, so it can be mixed with various clothing itmes, it is fabulous. Combine it with a pair pf cigarette pants, and an elegant blouse, alongside a pair of black pumps, and you can hit the office.

Spring Fresh Fashion & Beauty Looks for After 25

Military influence is dominant in the 2016 men’s fashion trends and everything from sweaters, trousers, coats and shirts can be military green. Beige will provide the perfect contrast, so feel free to match beige trousers with custom tailored shirts in army green, or with a green sweater. Furthermore, clash different shades of green and go for head to toe green outfit.

Another blast from the past include a famous 50s trend, Cuban collar short-sleeved shirt. Keep the cut fitted, choose from any color or pattern you want, and make sure to wear it neatly tucked into slightly looser-leg pants.

Layering is one of the most influential trends this season, so prepare for jacket on jacket outfit. Light denim jacket layered underneath a maroon leather jacket will be the absolute hit. Additionally, featherweight navy coat underneath a grey blouson jacket is the best way to mix colors and be trendy.

Beauty Looks

A whimsical, yet so fashion-forward style – this is how we could describe a low bun, combined with delicate make-up look. A pink lipstick, a rose eyeshadow, a touch of mascara and a little bit of blush, is all it takes to have that perfect natural, yet sophisticated look.

Matte lips is all everyone is talking about. We were mesmerized by the first collection of matte lipsticks, and now we cannot get enough of them. Mix matte lips in a nude shade, with a smoky-eye look, add a touch of blush or a bronzer, and you are all set. Incorporate two boxer braids a la Kim Kardashian, and the ultimate beauty look is achieved.

 Spring Fresh Fashion & Beauty Looks for After 25

Classic red lips will never go out of style, and you can pull them off any time of the day. They are suitable for coffee with your friends, or for a business meeting, and definitely for a dinner date. Just remember, when you are going bold and flashy with the lips, go easy with the eyes. Never try to emphasize the entire face, because it will be too much. The most popular trend still is no make-up, make-up.

Spring Fresh Fashion & Beauty Looks for After 25

Bangs have also made a comeback and they look good on everyone, especially people with long forehead. Whether you choose a thick straight-cut bangs, or side bangs you will be following the trend either way. The best thing about bangs is that you do not always need to spend hours on hair styling; they provide you with instant gorgeous hairstyle.

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