It’s Laundry Day: A Few Reasons I No Longer Dread Doing My Laundry!

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As adults, life has a way of telling us we can’t enjoy the simple things… I personally like to find ways to make the mundane more enjoyable.  For instance, I have an LED shower head which makes bath time even more fun.  Who says bath time fun has to be over when you grow up? LOL.  Keeping in line with that philosophy of life, I’ve found a few ways to make laundry less tedious.

It's Laundry Day: A Few Reasons I No Longer Dread Doing My Laundry!

One of my favorite things about my apartment is the laundry room happens to be in my bedroom, that means no trekking from kitchen to bedroom with clothes or literally airing out your dirty laundry for guests. Having your laundry room situated in a convenient location makes all of the difference during laundry time.

Since my laundry room is in my bedroom I tend to play a lot of basketball with my clothes LOL, I never close my washing machine lid and when I’m done wearing something I either toss it in my hamper or shoot a 3 pointed right into the washing machine. Of course it’s always important to sort your clothes accordingly, hence why I separate by hamper or machine.

It's Laundry Day: A Few Reasons I No Longer Dread Doing My Laundry! It's Laundry Day: A Few Reasons I No Longer Dread Doing My Laundry!

I also can’t stress how important it is to use a great fabric softener when washing your clothes. I’ve been using Downy Fabric Conditioner from Walmart, not only does it make your clothing softer it smells awesome! And guess what ladies, guys actually notice when you do, lol. I’ll never forget listening to a group of guy friends having a discussion about how one of them visited a lady’s apartment and noticed that she didn’t use fabric softener on her sheets LOL… we think they’re not paying attention but apparently men do. Honestly, adding Downy Fabric Conditioner doesn’t even cost extra effort… just fill the cap and add it to your load. You spend far too much on your clothing not to protect them. Downy protects clothes from losing their shape and color.  It’s also great for your towels because you wouldn’t want them fuzzing up or becoming hardened.  In addition, Downy on your sheets can make the difference in a comfortable night of sleep… soft sheets make for good dreams.

With my laundry room in my room, I’m able to close the door when I’m in my office and not hear it or I can listen to music or take a nap while laundry is going and not have to go to far when it’s done. Last but not least folding is probably the least favorite part of most of our laundry routine, since it’s in my room sometimes I just grab clothes from the dryer if I’m in a hurry OR it’s easier to fold and put them in my closet because it’s all in the same space. I realize my setup might not work for everyone but the convenience has definitely helped me dread doing my laundry!

I hope you can find fun ways to spruce up your chores or life’s mundane activities, it definitely helps keep things exciting and makes adulating easier. And don’t forget to pick up your bottle of Downy to help Protect clothes you love!

It's Laundry Day: A Few Reasons I No Longer Dread Doing My Laundry!

Downy Fabric Conditioner is available at Walmart and for everyday low prices. Learn more and shop for it here.

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