3 Top Notch Secrets of Celebrity Hair

Any successful fashion event consists of two main parts: red carpet and a huge amount of glamorous, and sparkling celebrities. When it comes to an event of really great scale, famous beauties are ready to do everything to overshadow one another. There are no such things as too much volume, sparkle, color, or accessories. Famous actresses, singers, and public figures look perfect thanks to hundreds fashion stylist and modern tools. However, there are some essential hair hacks which can help your hair look absolutely stunning. Our professionals at NYC Hair Salon found out these secrets and are ready to share them with you.

3 Top Notch Secrets of Celebrity Hair

Tip #1 Highlights for volume

Major hair volume can be reached not with the help of sprays and mousses. Today, celebrities widely use babylights to create a lot of volume and add freshness, youth to their look. Lighter roots make hair look bouncy with no styling product in it.

Tip #2 Spray verifying

Everybody knows that hair sprays add volume to our hair, but not many of us are aware of the fact that using several different sprays can double or even triple the effect. Go for texturizing, salt, and extra strong sprays on different layers of your hairstyle.

Tip #3 Add more shine

Hair oil is your main weapon in creation extra sparkling locks. Use a small amount and spread the product with your fingers through the whole length of your hair for the best result.

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