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Enter To Win: Your Life After 25’s Baby Doll Book SAFE AND SOUND prize pack Giveaway!

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Enter To Win: Your Life After 25's Baby Doll Book SAFE AND SOUND prize pack Giveaway!

Hey Lifers are you ready for a bit of thrill in your life? If you’re a fan of Gone Girl or Girl on the Train, BABY DOLL is the perfect next read for you.  It will be the most tense thriller you will read this year. Baby Doll is about Lily who has been held captive for 8 years, from a teenager to an adult in a small basement prison.  Her daughter Sky has been a captive her whole life. But one day their captor leaves the deadbolt unlocked. Baby Doll takes you on a captivating journey of what happens next with Lily, her twin sister,  her mother, her daughter—and her captor. You know we couldn’t tell you about this awesome book without giving one of our lovely readers a chance to win a copy!  Enter to win a SAFE AND SOUND prize pack below.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR – Hollie Overton

Enter To Win: Your Life After 25's Baby Doll Book SAFE AND SOUND prize pack Giveaway!

A tense, unique psychological thriller, Baby Doll is a remarkable first novel from TV writer Hollie Overton, who has worked Cold Case, The Client List, and the new Shadowhunters on ABC Family.

Debut author Hollie Overton was raised by her single mother, and Hollie—an identical twin herself—draws on her unique childhood experiences for her first novel, Baby Doll. Overton’s father was a member of the notorious Overton gang in Austin, Texas, and spent several years in prison for manslaughter. Hollie is a television writer and resides in Los Angeles.


Learn More About Baby Doll and Hollie Overton:

Visit Hollie Overton’s official website

Follow Hollie Overton on Twitter or like on Facebook #BabyDollBook

Your Life After 25's Baby Doll Book SAFE AND SOUND prize pack Giveaway!

SAFE AND SOUND prize pack

Settle in for a thrilling read! One (1) winner receives:

copy of Baby Doll

throw blanket

corkscrew + wine-stopper

Giveaway open to US addresses only.

Prizing and samples provided by Redhook.

What would you add to a safe and sound survival kit?

(hint, I’d start with wine LOL)

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