Self Improvement & Growth: Getting Rid of Annoying Features (for Men)

The connection between people is not always a click. Sometimes it takes weeks to get used to each other while, in some cases, your get attached from the very first sight. The spark between men and women is perhaps the most significant sign of your potential dating success. But what does it take to become attractive? Of course, your appearance and mindset matter much. However, it all loses its importance if your behavior is filled with annoying and obnoxious peculiarities. Today we are going to talk about these features. Likewise, we will discuss how to get rid of them. Bear in mind that your happiness is strongly dependent on your behavior and overall image!

Self Improvement & Growth: Getting Rid of Annoying Features (for Men)

1. Inner sexism 

The western society has been fighting for gender equality for more than a century by now. However, this battle will be infinite because nobody can win. The singular example of this inequality is men’s sexist mindsets. They somehow remain assured that girls will be attracted to them even though they act obnoxiously and disrespectfully towards women. That’s a perverted side of patriarchal traditions – when men’s leadership metamorphoses into domination and prepotency.

How to deal with it? There’s no need to become a sex equality activist. Your main weapon of attraction is respect you apply to your every deed. Women don’t actually need all the romantic stuff (well, they do need it but just a little bit). They seek attention and care. That is your perfect chance to win a heart.

2. Boyish vibes 

There are no doubts that a boy always remains inside of a man. That boy is a figural objectification of curiosity, mere craziness, cheerfulness etc. Therefore, it’s not bad that this boy continues living inside of your mind. But there is a catch – this boy sometimes forces men to act strangely and irritatingly. Your fear of responsibility, inability to remain focused on something, careless approach – all these behavioral peculiarities may become huge turnoffs while maturity (which has nothing to do with age) is men’s best characteristic.

How to deal with it? Use your inner boy’s influence to improve your image. There is something absolutely amazing about cheerful and kind guys. At the same time, you need to get rid of immature characteristics and, oh Lord, you need to learn everything about responsibility. It will be useful anyway.

3. Obscure motivations 

We could probably add this feature to immature behavior. But there’s too much to say about it. For instance, men often look for women just for fun. They do not have any particular purposes aside from having sex. We might call it a hookup – but it’s not the case. They look for girls just because they feel like doing so or the society with social media forces them to. Therefore, girls become attached to men who don’t know why they want to have relationships. It occasionally ends up in several months with a miserable aftertaste of wasted time.

How to deal with it? Understand yourself. Learn yourself. People often say that you need to love yourself to love others. But to love yourself you need to understand yourself first! Do not be afraid to discuss your ideas and intentions with your prospective girlfriend – it will help you get along easier.

There is much more to say. Nevertheless, if you eliminate these annoying behavioral patterns, your dating success is partially guaranteed. Women seek certain types of guys – and there’s no need to change for every girl you date. Be your best self, respect her and never betray your significant others. This is indeed a perfect formula.

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