Startup Ideas for Fashion Lovers

Startup Ideas for Fashion Lovers

Girls, have you ever dreamed about finding a job in the fashion industry? Most of us did, and truth to be told, we would even accept to do nothing more but make coffee for Anna Wintour. But we’re not little girls anymore, and if there’s anything “The Devil Wears Prada” thought us it’s that you can never be yourself while working for a fashion giant. Does it mean you should give up on your passion? Of course not. Fashion is amazing and it has much more to offer than just being an errand girl for others. If you want to turn your dreams into reality, here are some ideas that could get you started.


Have you ever seen a celebrity wearing the same dress twice? We didn’t think so. But why would they buy it if they will wear it just once? Well they wouldn’t and most often they just rent it. Now, depending on your initial investment, you can actually start in the big league by simply purchasing several elegant pieces and rent them to every-day-ladies for wedding receptions, evenings in the opera, etc.

Fashion Blogging Startup Ideas for Fashion Lovers

At first, fashion blogging seemed like some people just writing about what they wear while trying to get minimum attention. Much has changed since then and many influential bloggers, such as Chiara Ferragni (The Blonde Salad) and Julia Engel (Gal Meets Glam), are now swimming with the big players and getting invitations to prestige fashion events. So, if you have an itch both for fashion and for writing, this is a great job for you. There is no need for huge investment (website developing and hosting), and the most important thing is free – creativity. Now you just need a unique idea, and you can get started. Don’t forget that you’ll need some photography skills too.

Personal Stylist 

Not all of us are natural-born fashionistas and some women (and many men) are going from one fashion failure to another. When it comes to celebs who are constantly exposed to critiques and comments, they can’t afford to make a mistake. Perhaps you will not start with Charlize Theron, but you can always help young aspiring actors and musician with your styling tips and complementing their talents with amazing outfits.

Design Accessories Startup Ideas for Fashion Lovers

Accessories are a good place to start if you still haven’t tried your hand at fashion design. First you will need a great and coherent idea (e.g. steam punk, vintage) and then you will need the material. You can go through various online tutorials to get the initial idea of the design process. Jewelry is usually the simplest to make, but you can also try with bags, scarves or wallets. You can sell your stuff on online handmade goods marketplace until you establish a recognizable brand, but you can also check out the local boutiques.

Secondhand Retail

Consignment shops are living their glory days, and there is no shame in admitting that you are wearing something pre-loved. In fact, many celebrities who can afford brand new stuff often decide to buy secondhand instead. This is a business which you can start from the comfort of your home, but it can be expanded in time. Just set up a firm online base which will constantly grow. Good marketing here is the key. When selling the clothing online, try to be creative with photos (get inspired by fashion editorials) so the shoppers could see it is not only wearable, but also spectacular.

Customizing Startup Ideas for Fashion Lovers

Individuality is welcomed with applauses in fashion, so why not help people turn their ordinary clothes into something truly their own? That can be done in the form of alterations on their clothing, like turning a pair of jeans into a cute denim shorts or a maxi dress into a little black one, but you can also decide for some more interesting options. For example, you can start doing decorative embroidery and printing on t-shirts, dresses, etc.

So, now you can tell Miranda Priestly that you will do fine on your own. And you will, if you follow your heart and let your imagination lead the way – that is the main reason we are utterly and hopelessly in love with fashion.

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