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Ray-Bans: A Mixed Bag of Personalities

The DNA of the Ray-Ban brand is authenticity and uniqueness. The brand embraces retro fashion. It’s original and outlandish in its approach. When you put on any pair of the iconic Ray-Ban Sunglasses the designer wants you to feel free of judgement, they want you to be yourself.

Summer 16: Your Sunglasses Style Guide After 25

The brands founding beliefs are suitably captured by their 2007 Never Hide campaign. Targeting a younger audience, simple clips that were free of celebrity endorsement, featured ‘average Joes’ doing outlandish things, such as tattooing sunglasses onto their face.

Ray-Ban wanted the owners of their product to feel comfortable enough to stamp their own personalities onto their shades. After all, with a wide range of styles available, there’s a frame to suit every personality.

Don’t let your Ray-Bans wear you. Own them.

Aviator: True to tradition 

With a teardrop shape the Aviator is the original Ray-Ban model. Particularly popular during the 1960’s they have pop culture references that include Michael Jackson, Tom Cruise and Ringo Starr. The Aviator appeals to no-nonsense personalities. Those who want to look good but are not interested in the latest fashion trends of the season. The Aviator model appeals to those with a distinctive personality, one that doesn’t like to make a fuss.

Wayfarer: Relaxed persona abetted by carelessness 

Summer 16: Your Sunglasses Style Guide After 25

This nonchalant style is characterised by its sturdy arms and trapezoidal frame that apparently gives off a masculine edge. The Wayfarer shot to fame in the 1960’s when Audrey Hepburn wore them with conviction in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. If you’re a happy go lucky soul with no regard for other people’s opinions or thoughts- they Wayfarer is your accessory.

Clubmaster: Strong and silent type 

This is an eyebrow defining model thanks to the upper part of the frame that is bold in its appearance. Silently confident and airing on the side mystery the Clubmaster’s wearer is quiet and intriguing. Favoured by the creative types; artists, musicians and writers, the style often speaks to those who distance themselves from the demands of fashion. They like to control their own appearance. But when they float through life they want to be wearing a pair of Clubmasters.

Cat Eyes: Frivolous with cosmopolitan tendencies.

Thick rimmed borders with defined top corners, the Cats Eyes model has an arched look which consequently gives them their name.  Marilyn Monroe is perhaps the most notable personality to showcase these frame, making them popular amongst fashionable women who strive for elegance. Representing glamour and femininity the wearers of this sophisticated model are likely to obsessively follow the latest fashion trends. They are not scared of splashing the cash in order to look their best.

Outdoorsman: Deliciously dangerous  

Inspired by the Aviator classic this sturdy model is favoured by the original Top Gear presenters, with Richard Hammond perhaps pulling them off with more eloquence. Identified by their thin metal rims that bridge the dark teardrop shape lenses, this model is not for the faint hearted. If you conduct yourself with self-assertion and unwavering fearlessness then you earn the right to wear these frames. The Outdoorsman speaks to thrill seekers who are willing to take a risk. Those, who funnily enough, like to spend their time exploring the outdoors- and embracing any danger they come across along the way.

Predator: Cool and collected at all times 

A stylish take on traditional sunglasses, the Predator model sports a thick frame that encapsulates a flat, narrow lens. Perhaps best known for helping Will Smith cement is iconic performance in the classic film Men in Black, the Predator does not mess around. If you wear a poker face but take your fashion status seriously then you might be able to do this Ray-Ban model justice. The Predator model speaks to those with a direct, exacting manner. Someone who keeps their emotions tightly locked away. Strong and steady.

The Ray-Ban brand model mix is brimming with personalities that are all vying for your attention. In order to do your Ray-Bans the justice they deserve, you need to make sure you choose the Ray-Ban Glasses that suit you. Select the model that puts you at ease and makes you feel completely comfortable in who you are. Select the right Ray Bans and you select the correct fashion statement.

Which Ray-Ban personality are you?

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