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3 Challenges In Motherhood You Need to be Prepared For

Becoming a mother is a gift that is full of rewarding moments as well as difficult challenges. Depending on the age of the child, the range of challenges can be quite broad, but some of the tactics of dealing with this obstacles remain the same. This article will cover some major challenges that mothers face including, defiant behavior, addiction to pornography, and poor performance in school.

3 Challenges In Motherhood You Need to be Prepared For

Defiant Behavior

Whether a child is two or twenty-two, defiant behavior can result in extreme frustration for a mother who is at her wits end. Being prepared for this type of behavior is key in handling it when it occurs. First, make sure to always stay calm. Defiant children are often seeking attention for their behavior and responding with a firm, but calm, tone is essential to ward of future incidents. Second, make sure to have a set consequence for defiant behavior that can be implemented immediately. For younger children, this may result in time-outs. Time outs should be immediate, even if you aren’t at home when the defiance occurs. For older children and teenagers, consistency is key in handling defiance. Remove the child from the situation in which he or she is being defiant (for example- if the defiance is occurring in a restaurant, take your child outside) and then issue a swift, consistent consequence. Handling a defiant child as a mother can be intimidating and frustrating, but being prepared is the key to handling these tough situations with ease.

Addiction to Pornography

One of the most unsettling challenges that a mother might face is a teenager’s addiction to pornography. This can be an awkward thing for mom’s to deal with, but it is essential to address the problem swiftly so that the child knows that this type of behavior is unacceptable. The first step in porn addiction recovery is to have honest, open conversation with your child. Next, find a support group that can help your child deal with his or her addiction in a safe environment. After that, make an action plan with your teenager that could include the steps needed to be taken to stop viewing pornography. Finally, encourage your teenager as he or she makes progress by promoting an open line of communication, praising him or her for milestones met, and forgiving him or her for slip-ups on his or her road to recovery.

Poor Performance in School

Finally, poor performance in school can be a challenge that many mother’s face at some point in their child’s education. The first step to overcoming this challenge is to understand the root of the problem. Is your child performing poorly because he or she is bored? Does he or she have trouble understanding the material? Is peer pressure an issue? Start by having an open conversation with your child and his or her teachers to find the root of the problem. Next, create an action plan and make sure to follow through. Consider hiring a tutor if your child is struggling with a single subject. The money you spend could be well worth the lessening of everyone’s frustrations.

In conclusion, there are many challenges to motherhood. Defiant behavior, addiction to pornography, and poor performance in school are some that can be the most common. Make sure to stay consistent with consequences, forgive any mistakes that may occur while your child is attempting to correct his or her behavior, and communicate with other professionals that may be able to help your child along his or her way. By doing this you will have the tools to carve a smooth path through motherhood from birth through your child’s adult years.

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