How To Get A “Model” Makeover Using Only 3 Steps

Do you have an upcoming event that you need to look spectacular for? Perhaps you have a job interview and you want to take your appearance up a notch. Or maybe you’re simply ready for a makeover that will boost your confidence.

While it would be nice to live in a world where appearance doesn’t matter, unfortunately, that’s not reality. A study by Cornell University showed that white females who increased their weight by 64 pounds had a decrease in wages by 64 percent. And a University of Florida study found that taller workers earn more per year based on their height.

But looking good is also something that is worthwhile to do simply for the benefits to one’s confidence. Our appearance can affect how we think about ourselves. Putting in the time to work on your appearance can lead to more positive thinking and a feeling of greater control over your life.

Ready to get started? Here are 3 steps to achieving a better look for yourself.

Step 1. Brighten your smile.

How To Get A "Model" Makeover Using Only 3 Steps

Were you a smoker in college? Or are you a heavy wine or coffee drinker? These activities stain teeth and are some of the main culprits of a yellowish smile. Having yellow teeth can age your appearance by 5 to 10 years and can cause you to feel self-conscious.

Thankfully, there are many proven teeth whitening options available today. Whitening procedures can be found everywhere, from dental offices to kiosk stands at malls. Veneers that go on top of your teeth and inlays and onlays that cover up damaged teeth. You can be proud of your smile once again by brightening it and making it shine.

Step 2. Shape those brows.

How To Get A "Model" Makeover Using Only 3 Steps

Eyebrows are one of the most face-defining features, but are often the most neglected or ill-treated. It’s easy to spot when it goes right. From Lauren Bacall to Audrey Hepburn, to today’s Cara Delevingne. But there is still a lot that can go wrong. From over plucked, to overdrawn. How do you get it right?

Models on the runway or those who appear on the cover of your favorite magazine aren’t all naturally blessed with perfect arches. Instead they know the power of how to draw in the perfect brow. So whatever type of eyebrow you have, you can make it work for you.

First, think about what type of brow will look good on your face. Match your face shape with that of a celebrity’s whose eyebrow you like. Use an eyebrow pencil to outline the shape you want, and then fill in with powder. It might take a little time to get the shape of your brow how you like it. But investing in this skill will pay you back the rest of your life.

Step 3. Splurge on a haircut. 

How To Get A "Model" Makeover Using Only 3 Steps

Getting a killer haircut will make you feel and understand the power that the right haircut holds. If you aren’t convinced of this, then just know you have yet to experience a transformative haircut. That’s okay. Here’s what you need to know. First, your face shape and hair type plays a large role in what type of cut you should get. Don’t expect to achieve the same hair as Blake Lively if you do not have her hair type or face shape. It just won’t happen. Instead, look for celebrities that share your face shape and hair type and then take a look at the hairstyles that they use. Find one that you like and go for it.

While in other areas of life it might be worth it to go cheap, this is not one of those times. Resign yourself to paying a bit more, but just know that there’s a reason why people say a woman’s hair is her crowning glory. Yours can live up to that too, but you need to give it a chance.

With a million-dollar smile and eyebrows and hair that shape your face, you will have taken the 3 main steps to uncovering the best look for yourself.

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