Addressing 2 Untruths about the Most Advanced Type of Bariatric Surgery

There are many different types of weight loss surgery out there now. One of the newest techniques is the lap band, which has come about after nearly 30 years of success with the gastric bypass. The lap band is a fantastic procedure, although it is not right for everybody. But because it is still relatively new, there are also a lot of misconceptions about it. Those misconceptions are actually full untruths, and it is important that those are rectified. After all, for many, the lap band is a procedure that has saved their lives, so it is important that people properly understand it.

Addressing 2 Untruths about the Most Advanced Type of Bariatric Surgery

Untruth #1 – The Lap Band Is Really Dangerous

The lap band is a surgical procedure, which means risks are associated with it. However, the lap band has some of the lowest rates of complications and is therefore classed as one of the safest options out there. The gastric bypass, for instance, is much more invasive and complicated. It requires open surgery during which the stomach and intestines are cut and stapled. As a result, there is far more chance of complication, and recovery is very lengthy. Most of the time, people will need to be hospitalized, and some people have even died. When someone has a lap band complication, it is usually very easy to resolve the issue. The mortality rate of the gastric bypass is actually ten times higher than that of the lap band.

Do also remember that the health conditions associated with being obese are so severe, which is why surgery is required. Without weight loss surgery – whichever type – people will almost inevitably die. Hence, the associated risks of these procedure generally outweigh the risks associated with not having surgery at all. Furthermore, you will meet with your surgeon many times before and after the procedure, which means you will be properly prepared and well looked after as well.

Untruth #2 – A Woman Can Never Have a Baby After a Lap Band

Many women do not want to have any type of weight loss surgery, because they believe it will hamper their opportunities of having children. It is certainly true that with many such procedures, getting pregnant is not recommended. In fact, even with the lap band, it is recommended that a woman waits between one and two years before they try to conceive. This is because most weight loss happens in those first two years.

One of the things that makes the lap band so special is that it can be adjusted. Hence, if a woman does fall pregnant and it becomes apparent that she can not meet the nutritional needs of the unborn baby, the band can be loosened to ensure she can eat more. There is no need to have the lap band removed, however, as pregnancy can simply be carried to term with ease. There is also not indication that having a lap band increases the chance of having complications during either pregnancy or birth.

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