Will Wearable Tech Help you to Get Fitter than Ever Before?

Keeping fit used to involve a pair of running shoes and a stopwatch, but technology has well and truly influenced our ability to monitor our performance and fitness levels, meaning you can see just how you and your body are doing in real-time.

Wearable tech and fitness gadgets are all around us now, which is why it helps to read the thoughts of someone like Steve Frazier on his fitness blog, who put some of these new ideas through their paces, so that you know whether they should be on your radar or not.

Will Wearable Tech Help you to Get Fitter than Ever Before?
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Could fitness tracking help to improve your health?

There are so many different aspects to monitor and consider when it comes to trying to follow a health and fitness regime, which is where you could take advantage of what wearable tech and other useful technology has to offer.

Being able to monitor your levels of fitness, what your weight is doing, how your blood pressure is holding up and what you are consuming as part of your daily diet, are all part of the equation that combine to help you reach your specific health and fitness goals.

Trying to keep tabs on all that data and being able to make a useful interpretation of the numbers that you are seeing, is a bit of a thankless task if you are using a good old-fashioned pen and paper to record everything.

Wearable fitness and tracking devices could lighten the data load considerably for you and there is every chance that with all of that real-time data at your fingertips, it could very well provide the inspiration and motivation needed to help you hit your goals.

Tracking the state of your health

If you are able to monitor and track your health with the sort of accuracy that is now possible with new technology, this could conceivably make it much easier to manage your respective health conditions and encourage you to adopt some healthy lifestyle changes where appropriate.

According to a study carried out by the Pew Research Center, it seems that up to 80% of people with chronic conditions, track their symptoms using devices available. The relevance of this information in the context of fitness tracking, is that over half of that study group reported that tracking positively influenced their approach to their health.

Tracking can reveal some sometimes surprising and interesting data about your lifestyle and habits. For instance, many of us tend to regularly underestimate the amount of calories we are consuming by anything up to nearly 30%.

Tracking devices have the ability to give you a far more accurate picture about your state of health and how you are doing in keeping to your chosen diet.

Being better informed can have positive benefits

Motivation is a key aspect of getting fit and healthy, which means that using technology could easily enhance your prospects of achieving any health and fitness milestones that you have set for yourself.

Using the latest available technology will make it easier to set goals and then monitor your progress towards them. It can also link you up with some very useful social support and comparison options.

Being able to share your progress with others and interacting with each, allows everyone to get involved and could serve as motivation not just for you, but others too.

The growth of wearable tech

Wearable tech is big news and is a market that is growing every year, meaning that there are always new gadgets and models being introduced to help you get fit and healthy.

Wearable wristband are now available that contain state of the art sensors built into them, so that you have the ability to measure and track your health in real-time and whenever or wherever you happen to be.

You can find this sort of wearable tech can measure and track your resting heart rate, amongst other things, allowing you the chance to sync all of the data and recognize when you are exercising and how many calories you are burning with each exercise.

You can find a range of different features across an already broad spectrum of available wearable tech, so there is every chance that you can find the combination of features that you are specifically looking for.

If you want to see how many calories you have consumed or used, wearable tech allows you to access this information whenever you want, which could potentially help you to get fitter and healthier as a result.

Steve Frazier is a personal trainer certified, in group fitness, through the National Academy of Sports Medicine: and as a 43 year old man he enjoys sharing his experiences and insights in various fitness magazines. He resides in Harlingen Texas with his wife and 2 daughters.

Will Wearable Tech Help you to Get Fitter than Ever Before?
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