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Dixie® To Go Cups to the rescue for the Morning Win!


Sometimes a product comes to my attention that is just absolutely MEANT TO BE in my life… and I question why I haven’t tried it before?! That’s the case with Dixie® To Go cups.

So our recent situation was like this – Blake takes coffee with him to work every morning. He has a reusable to go cup, which sounds wonderful, but quickly became the bane of my existence. Washing this thing every day was not only difficult, but it felt like the lid was never thoroughly clean. He agreed, apparently, because he started taking our regular coffee mugs to work.

Trying to get outside to walk the dog with my Dixie® To Go cup

Trying to get outside to walk the dog with my Dixie® To Go cup

Yep, he brought every day ceramic coffee mugs on the go. Messy, breakable, and on top of that, he kept forgetting them on his desk, leading to them being picked up by the custodian and brought to the kitchen for washing, never to be brought home again. When those all disappeared, he started using our regular glasses! On days when no glasses were clean that morning, he’d buy a coffee out, so that started wasting money.

I had had enough. The opportunity to try the Dixie® To Go cup came pretty much right before I lost my mind (and ALL of my cups!). They are similar to cups you might get at a coffee shop – except you don’t have to take out a second mortgage to get them and the ridiculously expensive coffee.


Sienna showing off the insulated layers of Mommy’s Dixie® To Go cup

Dixie® To Go cups have insulated layers to keep your drink hot but your hands not (which, when I think about it, is better than coffee shop cups), as well as a non-slip grip and a leak-resistant lid to thwart oops moments. Most importantly to me… I don’t have to wash and scrub and soak and rinse and HOPE I got all the grime out after it sat in an office all day or was forgotten in the car over the weekend (gross!). I also don’t have to worry about spills from regular coffee mugs happening in the car or on the way out the door. Once I replace the mugs and glasses that already disappeared into the work black hole, I won’t have to do it again!

As a bonus for anyone with individual serving size coffee makers, the To Go cups fit most of that style, which may be a future bonus for us because we’ve been considering getting one ourselves. Dixie® To Go cups are also 80% compostable! Not sure I’ve ever been this excited about a cup.

I was selected for this paid opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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