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Why You Need Quality Home Health Care for the Elderly

Aging is an inevitable natural process that comes with a variety of challenges for most players in the society. There has been confusion about the true definition of the elderly, but it categorizes the people with 65 years and above. The population of the elderly has increased significantly in the recent past, courtesy of improved health care services that has seen life expectancy rising gradually. This is a reflection of the future where the number of the elderly is projected to be more.

Why You Need Quality Home Health Care for the Elderly

With aging comes vulnerability to chronic diseases, mental illnesses, and physical disabilities among other many health complications. In most cases, such elderly people are alone since most of their caretakers, who are mostly their children, have moved out. However, that does not mark the end of taking care of the older adults. Their increased health dependence cannot be ignored a bit. That is why it is advisable to consider other means of providing health care.

The Remedy

Finding health care services at the residence of the ailing or injured old adult is crucial. The older adults are able to live independently despite cases of illnesses or injury, without necessarily requiring the long term nursing services. The services offered are mainly different forms of therapy, helping the elderly with the common living activities like:

  • Eating
  • Bathing
  • Dressing
  • Walking around

Such services can also be extended to include house chores and close monitoring and administration of medications.

What is the difference between home care and health care? While many people may find it hard to differentiate the two types of services, there is clear distinction even in their names. Home care mainly deals with the services concerning house chores and other housekeeping activities. On the other hand, home health care service is mainly concerned with the health of the person(s) in question. In many cases however, housekeeping services may be included.

Checking Quality

When seeking the health care services for the elderly, there are important factors that should never be overlooked. The credibility of the service providers is the main of them all. This is crucial since you will basically leave your loved ones in their hands for the most part of the day. Doing background research helps in understanding the kind of people they really are. They should be therapists, practical nurses, or home health aides with working licenses.

The providers of these services can be an agency or an individual. In the case of an agency, conduct a detailed background check by looking them up on Google. Note down their permanent address and have their contacts in case of misconduct of any of their employees. Choosing an agency that has been long in the industry is good for the experience gained. Another factor to check is the credibility of their services.

On the other hand, when the service provider is an individual, the level of research to be done is even more detailed. Conduct a personalized interview, disclosing the special needs of the elderly. They should be able to provide all the services in the list. Be sure to get references too.


Arthur Hernandez is a renowned therapist having worked for many hospitals before specializing in providing home health care for the elderly. During his free time, he shares ideas and experiences he has had in his field of work. Click here to read more.

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