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How Not To Get Into a Friend Zone

A few wrong steps and you’re in a friend zone stigmatized as a “just friend”. What does lead to this? The wrong strategy and failure to communicate your romantic intentions. Some men make the following mistake: they decide to be just friends at first and don’t show any sign of their romantic interest in a woman. At the same time, a woman gives a man a certain amount of time to reveal his feelings and when that time runs out, she gives up and thinks of him only as a friend. Once a woman sends you to a friend zone, it becomes very hard to get out of there. That’s why you should do your best to avoid it. Here are some useful tips provided by Ukrainian Online Dating Web Site

How Not To Get Into a Friend Zone

Be a man, not a friend. What do best female friends do? They trust each other, discuss everything, share their secrets, and are always ready to comfort each other. An element of friendship is necessary for a healthy romantic relationship but only an element. If you view her as a potential date, don’t act like a friend. How should she understand that you have feelings for her if you never demonstrate them even in the slightest way?

Flirt with her. The best way to show your intentions and to avoid getting into a friend zone is to flirt with the woman you like. This is also the safest way to express your interest in the opposite sex since flirting is done in a playful and superficial manner and it doesn’t impose anything.

Compliment her. Compliments are considered to be an integral part of flirting, so whenever you notice something special about your woman’s appearance or character, compliment her on it. Try to sound sincere. For this, focus on the less noticeable features. A light or witty banter is welcomed.

Break the physical barrier. Usually, women think this way: “He didn’t even touch my hand. He is either too shy, or I don’t attract him at all.” It’s important to touch a woman already on a first date. It doesn’t mean you should embrace and hug her constantly. You should do it as if unintentionally. For example, take her by the hand while crossing the street or offer your arm as you walk. You can touch her shoulder while telling her something. Watch how she will react to your touches. If she returns your touch later, she’s also interested in a relationship with you.

Play hard to get occasionally. Her best friend would always pick the phone and rushed to her whenever she called or asked her. But you’re not her friend. You’re an independent person and you have your own life. She should understand that you have your job and your friends and you can be unavailable at times.

Go out on romantic dates. Friends usually hang out with other friends while people romantically attracted to each other go out on dates. If you go out, it should be a real date, not just a stroll in the park. You should be the one who picks the place where you’ll go. If you go to the restaurant, you should pick up the tab. If she offers to split the bill, don’t let her do that – that’s what friends do. Demonstrate that being just friends is not in your plans and you view her exclusively as a romantic partner.

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