3 Little Things You Can Do to Connect with the Hubby

Men can be quite tricky to understand, but they are also very literal and easy to get at the same time. They love to do things a certain way and enjoy a set of activities us women don’t always understand or find interesting. If you’re having trouble connecting with your husband or you feel like the marriage is losing a bit of its excitement and fun, then this article is definitely for you. In this article, we’re going to talk about the little things you can do to connect just a little bit more with the hubby. Let’s get started, shall we?

3 Little Things You Can Do to Connect with the Hubby

Ask for Help with DIY Projects

As simple as this may sound, men love it when they feel needed. They don’t like to do chores or help you with the dishes, but they still want to feel like you need them at times. While this is an annoying combination for many, there is a simple workaround that will help the two of you connect more.

Start a DIY project – something that you love and he can help with – and ask for his help at times. Make sure he knows that there is no way you can do the things you ask him to do yourself; this is where that sense of saving the day will come from.

Don’t rush your partner either. Men are programmed to save the day and be the hero, so let your husband be one in his own time. He’ll love the challenge and the two of you will have an amazing time sharing the DIY project and looking at the finished results.

3 Little Things You Can Do to Connect with the Hubby

Get Closer to His World

We can’t always understand men, but there are a few areas where we can get close. About a year ago, I asked a friend to help me with a fantasy baseball game my partner loves to play so much. He’d spend hours in front of the computer picking the right players to draft to his team.

It may seem like a small thing to do, but asking him about a baseball simulation game he happens to be playing – one that you’re giving a try because “a lot of friends at the office are playing too” – can be that one trigger that sparks long conversations.

Be a good listener – and a good learner. You’ll have a lot of opportunities to bond once you get started.

Let Him Have His ‘Me’ Time

3 Little Things You Can Do to Connect with the Hubby

Have you ever noticed how your man steals a few hours after work to grab drinks with his friends every now and then? Does he make excuses to justify going out with his mates? The next time both of you are in a good mood, let him know that you’re okay with it. In fact, try to catch a time when he hasn’t had some ‘me’ time for a while and remind him to take the time off.

This, along with the previous tips we talked about earlier, will surprise him in a good way. You’ll be amazed by how much closer the two of you get after each move.

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