8 Things You Must Know Before Asking a Girl Out

First dates are indeed one of the hottest topics on the Internet. However, there is one even more critical issue – how to actually approach a girl and ask her out? Today, our experts from Marry Brides prepared some advice for you, read on!

8 Things You Must Know Before Asking a Girl Out

1. Do pre-research 

First of all, clear the overall situation up: what if she’s not even single? And if her heart is definitely free, you should know what type of guys she prefers and what things she’s into. Maybe she isn’t keen on dating right now, maybe her mind is set on someone else – anything is possible. Discover that in advance.

2. Evaluate her interest to you

Maintaining eye-contacts with her isn’t enough for establishing a true connection. Better if there are some talks, activities shared, or random encounters. Don’t rush to ask a girl of your dream for a date, do a basic study of her attitude to you. Watch out her reactions at you, like her body language and speech. Perhaps, you need to do something to awaken her curiosity?

3. Pick up the right time and place

You can’t just come to her and ask whether she’d like to go out this weekend. Well, you can, but what will it bring? Even if a girl likes you, she might be not in the right mood for romance. For success, don’t interrupt her daily business with your invitations – approach her in a more relaxing atmosphere instead (e.g. in a bar, at the party, or during the rest hours).

4. Work on your look 

Naturally, you should look great anytime. But for special events, you’ll need to take double care about the exterior. Choose an outfit, mind your shoes. You must look handsome, smell good, and sound perfect. Your wonderful character traits aren’t obvious, and your appearance helps you prove those.

5. Demonstrate ultimate self-confidence 

Timid guys were never attractive. Nowadays, it’s okay for a girl to take the first step and ask a guy out. However, strong and initiative males never fall out of fashion. Contemporary women still like feeling adored and protected. The way you approach her creates her impression about you – so give her what she needs.

6. Convey your intent

Feeling nervous, we often lose our communication skills. But remember what we told you about confidence. No ventures – no gains, as they say. Define your basic idea. What do you want from her? And pre-plan in what way you’d like to tell her about it. If you’re in need of repetitions, spend some time on those!

7. Draw up a plan

In case she says “yes”, you need a clear plan of what your next step is. First dates shouldn’t be spontaneous; they’d better run under a certain scenario. Of course, it’s obligatory to take a girl’s interests into an account while planning your date. Make sure she’ll appreciate your idea.

8. Don’t fall apart if she says “no”

As you’re a man, stay mannish. Rejection is also normal, just like any other parts of our dating life. There’s no need to yell “Oh why?” and act like a child whose parents didn’t buy him a candy. Give her a smile and respond in a polite way (“Ok, no problem” and so on).

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