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Want to Truly Embrace French Culture? Move There and Do as They Do!

There are many travelers to France who are so inspired by many aspects of French culture that they fall in love with the country and decide to truly embrace what it has to offer, by moving there.

There are many endearing qualities of French living, and when you can find properties such as those available through, you may well be excited at the prospect of embracing the French culture at close quarters.

Want to Truly Embrace French Culture? Move There and Do as They Do!

Prepare for many pleasant contradictions

You only have to mention France to most people and they will conjure up an image in their mind of inhabitants who enjoy their food and wine, couture, and no shortage of opinions that they will pleased to debate with you.

Some of these opinions might be considered as stereotyping, and in truth, what you get is a lot of contradictions, which is perhaps a fairly accurate description of what you will experience when you live in France.

The French have so many different facets and every region has its own distinct personality, so it could be argued that there really is no such thing as a typical French person, but what most people agree on about living in the country and breathing in their culture on a daily basis, is that you get much more out of the experience when you embrace the culture and aim to live like the French do, whatever that happens to mean.

Bureaucracy rules

If you going to live in France, one of the first things that you will discover is that it is arguably the most bureaucratic country in the world.

With more than double the amount of government officials than a number of other similar countries, the French love their paperwork, even if it might not seem that way. They are keen to protect their culture and their language, so if that means giving you a great working knowledge of both by filling your time with lots of forms to fill in, enjoy the challenge and accept that this is how the country works on a local and national level.

Let’s do lunch

Want to Truly Embrace French Culture? Move There and Do as They Do!

If your typical “lunch hour” is more like a quick dash to grab a sandwich and a coffee, you are going to enjoy a different way of doing things when you are living and working in France.

The French mostly consider the lunch hour as a sacred time, and it is not uncommon to see the local shops and banks closing for lunch, for up to two hours. This means that you might as well go with the flow and join the rest of your French friends in the cafe or restaurant.

If there is one thing that is most likely to change for you when you are living in France, it is learning how to truly embrace that joie de vivre and live like the French do, which means taking time out to enjoy a lunch that lasts way longer than fifteen minutes.

Peter Hanson works in the real estate industry and has lived and worked in the UK, France and Spain. His articles appear on real estate blogs, travel blogs and investment blogs.

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