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How to Get (and Stay) well Hydrated Before and After a Yoga Session

According to the ancient Indian medical practice of Ayurveda, drinking 7–8 glasses (1-2 liters) of pure water every day is ideal for health and wellness. But there’s more to staying adequately hydrated than just by having your fill of plain water. Read on for a few tips to help you quench thirst, meet your H2O needs, and much more – before and after yoga teacher training.

A tall glass of water is the best way to stay hydrated, but there are plenty of alternative options. Read on more about what to eat and drink before and after yoga class.

How to Get (and Stay) well Hydrated Before and After a Yoga Session

1. Don’t just sip, also ‘Eat’ your water.

Having an adequate level of hydration helps your metabolism run at its optimal level, and eating the right foods can help you even more with that. Vegetables,  fruits, soups, and grains that have a high water content, especially broccoli, grapefruit, lettuce, carrot, apple, spaghetti (well cooked), watermelon, and skimmed milk.

Produce rich in potassium, also helps maintain and replenish the bodies electrolyte balance, thereby throttling dehydration.
Make sure you get enough of this essential minerals in your diet, by eating plenty of bananas, cucumbers, fennel, cooked garbanzo beans and shelled edamame. For a hyper hydrating snack, try some plain low-fat Greek yogurt mixed with berries, or a combination of hummus with sliced cucumber. Both of these can provide 10–11 ounces of water in one serving.

2. Pre-hydrate.

Avoiding becoming thirsty to begin with, is the trick to staying adequately hydrated. Thirst can be a signal of dehydration. If you’re on the way to a super sweaty hot yoga class — make sure you have your fill before you arrive. According to Boston-based nutritionist and yoga instructor Kara Lydon,  “Hydration pre-yoga is essential to avoid stiffness and cramping.” But don’t resort to downing a bottle of water right before class starts, or you can end up feeling bloated hindering practice. Instead, slowly sip 16 ounces of water during the hour before class.

3. Re-hydrate

Don’t think you’re done with hydrating when you finish class? Think again! Rehydration is just as important as pre-hydration, even more if you’ve just gone through a hot yoga session. Philadelphia nutritionist Katie Cavuto recommends drinking at least 20 ounces of water after yoga sessions to replace lost fluids.

4. “Spike” your drink.

Once in a while, you might feel that plain water needs a little extra something. Try some natural water enhancers rich in electrolytes for extra boost of flavor and energy with an extra kick. Or even simply add some lemon juice and honey to water to enjoy a tasty beverage.

Water is the most essential nutrient our system needs. When it comes to a sweaty yoga teacher training session, we love a water break reward as much as other fellow participants. And as the mercury rises, it’s even more important than ever to retain focus on our fluid intake throughout the day.

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