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How to Stage a Drug Intervention

Nobody is immune to the evils of drugs and while many addicts believe they are in control of their habit, the reality is usually very different. If you suspect your loved one or friend has a drug problem, you will be understandably very concerned.

Staging an intervention with someone who appears to have an addiction problem is very difficult. Confronting the person in an accusatory manner will not help. Any intervention you do make needs to come from a place of love, but how should you start the conversation?

How to Stage a Drug Intervention

Have a Conversation

Before you stage an intervention, it is worth talking to your loved one to try to persuade them to seek help. Try expressing concerns that you suspect there may be a problem. If the person refuses to engage, it is time to talk to a professional who can help you open up the lines of communication in a safe setting and recommend a Georgia Drug Detox Atlanta clinic, if applicable.

A drug intervention is typically carried out in a group setting. The group should include a mix of people, for example parents, grandparents, siblings, close friends, and even work colleagues. The idea is that showing the addict how much love there is and how much compassion everyone has for his or her plight will be enough to persuade the person to accept help.

Have a Trial Run

It is very important to stay calm during a drug intervention. A trained intervention specialist is invaluable in this regard, as they will guide the conversation and coach the participants on what to say beforehand. It is a good idea to rehearse the intervention prior to arranging a meeting with the addict, so everyone knows his or her role in the proceedings.

For best results, it is sensible to stage an intervention in a neutral setting. It may help to have the intervention at the specialist’s office, since this is a safe environment for everyone. This is especially important if you think your loved one is at risk of self-harm or has a history of violence or mental illness. After all, the last thing anyone needs is for the situation to spiral out of control and someone gets hurt.

Do Drugs Interventions Work?

In the majority of cases, a drugs intervention moderated by a trained intervention specialist is successful. Many addicts are desperate for help, but are too proud or ashamed to ask for it. When forced to confront the consequences of their actions, most face up to their problem and agree to seek help. Some people will refuse to engage, but out of that group, many will go away and think about what has happened, and then ask for help.

Staging an intervention is only the first step on the road to recovery. Inevitably, some addicts will fail to keep up with their treatment and revert to old behavioral patterns, so realistic goals and expectations must be set and enforced if necessary.

If you need advice on a drugs intervention, contact a specialist addiction center for advice.

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