How To Buy Denim Styles This Fall Season

Think it’s time to replace those old, worn out pairs of denims you’ve been wearing and laundrying endlessly in the washer this past year?  Think again!  This Fall Season, the denim everybody loves to wear is taking back the spotlight when it comes to street styling.  Believe it or not, it’s getting a makeover — and it’s far from the clean cuts and lines that have been so sickeningly ordinary these past few years.

How To Buy Denim Styles This Fall Season

So, put your sheering scissors down.  Before you tear up those old jeans and turn them into hot pants, here are 9 denim trends this season you just got to know about right now:

1.  Washed and worn out denims.  So, those pair of denims that have been quickly fading with your every wash, and quite possibly bearing signs of tear as well are hot and trendy this Fall.  Wear it with just about any top you can find in your wardrobe.  Keep it posh and stylish with your chunky heels or pumps.  Throw in several metallic accessories or, if you have a low neckline blouse, accent with chokers which are just as equally hot as these denims this season!

2.  High-low cut denims.  Ladies, you’ve learned to love the high-low trend in your blouses and dresses.  This Fall, be prepared to wear the high-low cut in no less than your denims.  Choose to tear the hems of an old pair of narrow bottom denims so you can save yourself a couple of bucks and still wear this trending fashion must-have this season.

3.  Cropped skinny jeans.  Ooh-la-la!  Skinny jeans are about to sizzle some more.  Wear your skinny jeans a few inches from your ankles and, “Boom!”  you’ll be sure to razzle dazzle everyone who beholds you.  Show a peek-a-boo of just a tiny bit of skin in all the flirty places.  Don’t forget to put on your stiletto heels.

4.  Flared jeans.  Of all the denim cuts we’ve seen, probably ever since denims were conceived by Levi Strauss, there is nothing more feminine than flared jeans — until those skinny jeans entered the scene, of course!  But, these flared pairs are simply too feminine to be left to the 70’s!  That’s why this season, they are making a comeback.  Wear with 70’s hair style trends to get the retro look.

5. Patched jeans.  Who loves patchwork?  Everybody will this Fall!  It’s not about how many stitches or shades your denims have that matters though.  It’s all about finding them in all the right places and in all the right cuts.  Get a little bit of stitching on the leg or the pockets or the hems and you’ll be ready to rock one of this season’s most in-demand pair of jeans.

6.  High-waisted denims.  You don’t have to worry about not quite fitting into those flare jeans that will become this season’s hottest trend in denim.  Well, if you can’t wear your flares with loose tops to hide those bulges, you can always make a run for those high-waisted jeans.  This pair is uber comfy and convenient when all you want to do is style up and forget about those muffin tops.  With this pair on, you also get more plus.  The high waisted cut pushes up your buttocks and makes a cut on your body right where your waist cinches, making those unwanted fats literally disappear from sight.

7.  Straight cut denims.  Want more length on those legs?  This will seriously make your legs appear longer.  Straight cut denims also make your waist and thighs appear more slender.  These are perfect to go with those all-weather boots that are all the buzz this cold season.

8.  Vintage styled.  Still loving those so-Vintage defining art and trends?  Bring your artsy-fartsy inspirations to style up your jeans.  Be inspired by the flower power of the 70’s.  You can also get any of those vintage-stitched patches and randomly sew it on your old denims.  Wear with vintage hairstyle trends and a sexy, sheer top.

9.  Midrise torn skinny jeans.  Here’s a skinny cut that won’t reveal your excess baggage.  Wear just like you would any skinny denims — with a sexy top and a pair of pumps.


This Fall, you can’t go wrong with an old pair of jeans.  So, think you got better ideas on how to use those pair of scissors now?   Go ahead and style up your jeans!

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