5 Economical Sports Cars for Today’s Entrepreneurial Women

As an entrepreneur, you work hard, so of course you have every right to play hard, too. After all, it is pointless putting in all those hours if you can’t reap the rewards. One way to enjoy the fruits of your labour is to invest in a sports car. There are plenty of sexy models out there to choose from, but whilst fuel economy and sports car don’t usually go together in the same sentence, it is possible to splash out on a sporty little number like the Alfa Romeo Giulia and not spend the GDP of a small African country putting fuel in the tank. Here are our five recommendations. Some are more expensive than others to buy, but hey, there is nothing wrong with dreaming!

5 Economical Sports Cars for Today’s Entrepreneurial Women

Alfa Romeo Giulia

The Alfa Romeo Giulia is available in numerous models, with the 2.2 Turbo and the 2.2 JDTM-2 Super both being economical to run.  Both are 5 door hatchbacks with low CO2 emissions and between 50 and 70 mpg.  The Alfa Romeo brand is also synonymous with luxury, making it an ideal choice for entrepreneurs who want to impress.


The Audi TT is a lovely little coupe, and because it has an Audi badge, it’s also extremely reliable. The main downside of an Audi TT is that it has very little luggage space. If you only ever use this car for fun, you will be fine, but if you plan on using it for anything other than leisure driving, buy a second car with a larger boot. Aside from that gripe, you will get a very respectable 67mpg out of an Audi TT – if you buy the 2.0 litre diesel model.


5 Economical Sports Cars for Today’s Entrepreneurial Women

The BMW Z4 is a traditional sports car, with an engine at the front and a boot at the back. It’s not as exciting to drive as a Porsche Boxster, but entry level models are very affordable and it does a very reasonable 42mpg. The Z4 will be replaced by the Z5 in 2017.

Mazda MX-5

The Mazda MX-5 is a cheap and cheerful sports car for women who want a stylish motor that handles well and is relatively inexpensive to buy. Mazdas are lightweight and great to handle. They drive like a dream. You will find this car fun to drive, and because it is so cheap to run, you won’t mind taking it out at every available opportunity. Go for the 1.5 litre engine, as this offers a top speed of 127 mph and 47mpg. You can pick one of these babies up for less than £20k new.

Porsche 718 Boxster

5 Economical Sports Cars for Today’s Entrepreneurial Women

This wouldn’t be a list of cars for entrepreneurs without including a Porsche. The Porsche Boxster is sexy, stylish, sleek, and more practical than it first appears. Unlike other sports cars, notably the Audi TT, a Boxster has a surprisingly large amount of luggage space, so if you need to use your car for work, you won’t have a problem fitting everything in. The Porsche Boxster is a true roadster. It has a low centre of gravity, but handles superbly. Porsches are not cheap to buy, but you can pick one up for just over £40k new. Driven economically, you will get around 38mpg.

Shop around for used models if you want an affordable car.

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