4 Common Dental Online Marketing Mistakes that you Must Avoid

SEO marketing is a strategy that companies, organizations, institutions and businesses are using to reach out to as many people as possible. In fact, if you want to make it on the digital platform, then online marketing is not an option.

4 Common Dental Online Marketing Mistakes that you Must Avoid

Because dental SEO marketing is a very important facet towards your dental practice success, there are common mistakes that you must avoid. Most importantly though, it is imperative that you understand that with the internet so crowded with other dentistry websites, you must ensure that you stay relevant and reach as many new patients as possible. Moving on, here is what to avoid;

Poor keyword option

The keywords you use on your content pieces are basically your base in dental online marketing. What does this mean? Well, the keyword is the core for search engine optimization and through these keywords, your website will be visible to your potential viewers, hence traffic to the site.

Yahoo, Bing and Google are the most common search engine sites and for you to remain on the top page of these sites, you must submit top quality and informative content accompanied by the right keywords. For example, ‘dental beauty tips’ can be your keyword for an article on dental practices and beauty.

Not knowing your target audience

Remember that your main concern is dental practice and oral health, right? With that in mind, understand who your audience is and connect with that audience. Basically, if you give the right information to the wrong crowd, then you will have done very little to and for you.

Even though everyone needs a dentist at some point in life, there is need for you to understand who it is you are conveying your message to. For example, tooth whitening and dental beauty is a topic that is more suitable for adults than it is for children.

Not being active on social media

Being active on social media will do you good. Believe it or not, it is your presence online that will make people recognize you. Think of your dental practice as a brand and start marketing this brand on different social media networks.

As long as you stay consistent and relevant on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, you can rest assured that you will have new patients on your site quite often. As social media is all about interacting, ensure that your audience feels your online presence. React to comments and compliments, appreciate your audience and always look forward to giving them more.

Not generating content

Content is key! For a website to stay relevant, it must provide information to the audience. Most websites that have not made it to high rankings of Google and other search engine sites are guilty of this mistake. It is the content that will attract traffic to your site and if the content is not consistent, then the audience might lose interest in you.


Carlos is a search engine optimization expert on dental practices. He has been offering SEO services for a period of 8 years now. Visit his blog here for more information on dental SEO marketing.

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