5 Awesome Gift Ideas for Your Husband This Holiday Season

Even though you live with him every day, Christmas shopping for your husband can be one of the hardest tasks of the holiday season. It can sometimes be hard to find gifts that he wants and needs that will not clutter your house or cost a fortune. Check out the list below for five unique gift ideas your husband will love this holiday.

5 Awesome Gift Ideas for Your Husband This Holiday Season

1. Subscription Box

Getting packages in the mail is fun at any age. Make him feel that childhood excitement of getting mail with a monthly subscription box. There are subscriptions of everything these days, so finding the perfect box for your husband will be easy. Try beer, manly food, geeky memorabilia, fitness items, or even cool socks.

2. DVDs of His Favorite Show

Everyone loves marathoning their favorite TV show, but doing it on a streaming service can suck up a lot of internet bandwidth! Instead, gift your hubby with a boxed series of a guy-friendly series like Supernatural, The Big Bang Theory, or Hell on Wheels from a site like Pristine Sales. He will love settling into his favorite chair to watch them and their special features whenever you are out for a girl’s night.

3. A Hammock

Whether he is an outdoorsman or just enjoys hanging out in your backyard, a hammock is a thoughtful gift for any hubby. He will appreciate being let off the hook from yard work to relax between some trees for a while. This gift may even lead to some al fresco cuddles for the two of you.

4. Event Tickets

If your husband is one of those guys who never seems to want or need anymore “stuff,” an experience is a perfect gift. Tickets to see his favorite band play or to a professional sports game will let him make lifelong memories. The memories from this Christmas gift will mean much more to him than any material things ever could.

5. Wall Art

Husbands love to decorate their “man cave” with stuff you would never want in the rest of the house. Help him out by buying him a print or painting to fill his walls. Check out local craft fairs or Etsy shops for fun pieces you won’t find anywhere else. You can find something that appeals to every husband from the Star Wars fanatic to the dreamy traveler.

Christmas shopping for your hubby doesn’t have to be difficult. Think outside the box this holiday season and you might find his favorite gift yet! With these ideas as a start, you’re sure to make your husband’s Christmas memorable this year.

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