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How car inspections can protect the interest of used car buyers

Buying a used car has its own challenges because used cars are sold on “as is where is” basis. The onus of assessing the quality, condition and health of the car rests on the buyer. The buyer has to make arrangements to ascertain the health of the car and judge how useful it would be if bought. Except for visually inspecting the vehicle, buyers do not have any other means of assessment.

How car inspections can protect the interest of used car buyers

However, for used cars, the problem is that it conceals more than what it reveals. Damages to the body are nicely camouflaged by painting that can deceive people.  Dirty interiors are cleaned superficially and it won’t be surprising that the tobacco odor comes back as soon the car is driven out from the seller’s premises. Rusted bottom gets a fresh coat of paint but the rust remains beneath. There are so many ways that sellers can mislead buyers.

Protecting the interest of buyers

How do used car buyers protect their interest? It is simple only if you arrange for a car inspection by an Atlanta inspections company. The inspection is carried out at the seller’s place by qualified inspectors who work with car inspection companies. They not only know about the ways of looking under the cosmetic improvements that are done to vehicles by sellers but are also equipped with proper equipments and are trained to carry out inspections to assess the actual condition of the vehicle. They work like detectives and can use clues effectively to unearth defects. They know about the vulnerability of vehicles and can pin point defects that affect the performance. Inspection reports are not binding on buyers but ignoring it can turn costly and defeat the purpose of inspection.

Special observations add value

The quality of inspection report is enhanced by the observation powers of inspectors. Although it is normal to have a check list for inspection and follow it in steps, what actually makes the difference is something special that does not escape the eyes of the inspector. Even if defects and damages are detected, the inspector has to comment about its intensity and impact. Is the defect or damage a result of normal wear and tear or it has been inflicted by some other means? Will the defect affect the performance of the vehicle? What is the impact of the defect and will it cause harm if allowed to persist? Do any tires need immediate replacement? All such comments of the inspector, including any red flag, add value to the report because buyers would find it to be more reliable for taking decision.

Focusing on defects

A car inspection report is an unbiased observation of the inspector and not an exercise in unearthing defects only. The good and bad points are listed dispassionately, so that the true picture emerges. The inspector only explains the nature of the defects.

Buyers have to focus on the defects and assess how much impacting it can be on the performance of the vehicle. This is the most logical way to judge the car and its value.

About the author – Andy Thompson has worked as a car inspector for about a decade and has undertaken several Atanta inspections. He is an ASE certified technician who is highly sought after in industry circles. A quiet and introvert person, he communicates through his writings. What he has learnt and experienced is captured in the blogs that he writes regularly.

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