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What Every Woman Needs in a Single-Style Apartment

One of the greatest milestones of becoming an adult is getting your own apartment. We are not talking about the dorm or duplex that you shared with your college mates. After graduation and getting a head-start on a career, every woman needs a place she can call her own. You may be dreaming of an Italian villa, where you can unwind every day by the poolside. In reality, you may only be able to afford a little one-room apartment above a pizzeria. No matter how quaint your new apartment is, you can move in and make it a comfortable home that is uniquely yours with these tips.

What Every Woman Needs in a Single-Style Apartment

The Right Move

You may have just enough stuff that you can borrow a friend’s van or pickup to move. If you are moving a lot of big furniture or you are moving out of town, you should consider renting a moving truck. You might have to ship your car to your new location if you are driving the moving truck, but luckily, getting a quote to ship a car is pretty easy. Sometimes, people have accumulated more things than will fit in a small apartment. Weed your possessions down to those things that you really need or love. You may need to rent a storage unit for extra storage space.

Apartment Essentials

It will take a while for you to settle into your new place and get everything you need. Other than furniture and decorations, there are several things that you can use that will make your life easier:

Kitchen Tools

You may not be a gourmet chef, but you can save a lot of money by cooking at home instead of eating fast food. Along with your dishes and silverware, you should consider purchasing a quality pot and pan set. Just buy the best brand within your budget. You will also need things like measuring cups, some good knives, and a few cooking utensils. You can slowly add to your collection as your need and budget determines.

Basic Tool Box

Of course, you know that you are going to need more than a butter knife to put together that IKEA furniture you bought. There are always occasions where you will need a few tools to fix little things around the house. A couple screwdrivers (Philips and flathead), a tape measure, hammer, an adjustable wrench, a pair of pliers, a level, and a set of Allen wrenches can really come in handy. Remember to have a pack of assorted nails and screws on hand, too.

Good Lighting

Very few apartments have enough lighting. The sparse overhead lighting they have is often too dim or harsh. Your home will have a warm ambiance if you have different sources of light in each room. You might consider buying some nice pole lamps and table lamps to brighten your space.

Extension Cords

Unless you are moving into a new apartment, you will find that older builds hardly ever have enough receptacles. A power cord could be useful for plugging in your computer and other technical gadgets. You might have to use an extension cord for a corner lamp. Just be careful not to overload outlets and create a fire hazard.

Your Bed

A futon may have gotten you through college, but it is time to upgrade. Out of all the furniture you invest in, your bed is the most important. Comfortable, quality sleep is more important than those swanky end tables you saw in the furniture store.

Surround Yourself with Beauty

It does not cost a fortune to decorate an apartment that is appealing to you and your guests. Pick colors and things that you love. You do not have to follow any rule or trend. Try to include a couple live plants for a touch of the outside. Put a few books around for interest and some comfortable reading time.

You will always remember your first apartment. When you move and fix it up within your budget, you can enjoy the experience more. With a few special touches, you will always enjoy coming home.

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