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Financially Strapped? What to Do When There’s No Money But Bills to Pay

Having more “month” than money is never an enjoyable situation. It can actually be very stressful when you’re struggling to figure out how all the bills will get paid. The stress incurred will only lead to fatigue and eventual burnout. To keep this situation under control, there are a few ways to consider handling it. Each of these strategies is doable. While some of these tactics involve creativity and drive, others involve eating a slice of humble pie. However, desperate times call for desperate measures.

Financially Strapped? What to Do When There's No Money But Bills to Pay

Online Editing Jobs

There are lots of online sites that allow you to put your proofreading prowess to work. On top of that, you’re able to get paid for them. One of the quickest ways to get money with editing involves applying to different editing gigs on some of the freelancing websites. You can easily create an account for free on many of these sites and post as many applications as you’d like. Another great way to get a turnaround involves logging into Facebook and joining Facebook groups with professional writers. Lots of writers need quality editing. To start, you might want to make your prices a little lower to beat out the competition and get fast cash. With persistence, you can even create a solid side income stream through online editing.


It’s time to look at your skill set arsenal and see what services you can monetize for quick income. If you’re a great graphic designer or writer, you might want to create a profile on one of the many freelancing websites and create your rates. Be sure to upload samples of your work so potential clients can see what they’re paying for. Are you great with makeup application or styling hair? If so, consider advertising your services all over social media. Make flyers and post them in local business establishments. Depending on the amount of bills you have, a few of these gigs may be able to pay everything off.

Same Day Loans

Although some same-day day loans typically have a high-interest rate, they can be valuable to you if you find yourself in a really tight bind and need some financial assistance. Payday loans in Arlington, TX and other such loans only take minutes to process to get you the cash you need. However, it’s really important that you only take out what you really need for expenses. Once you take out the loan, be intentional about creating a strategy to pay it back. You don’t want to get into another bind where you can’t pay your bills in the future. Payday loans are typically available so that you can pay back the full amount plus interest on your next payday. Knowing this, it’s important to act quickly to get the funds paid back.

Borrow from Family Member

Most adults don’t like asking others for money. There’s a certain stigma attached to asking people for money because it makes a person look desperate and needy. Well, if you haven’t been in the habit of asking family members for money in the past, consider reaching out and asking. It makes no sense to drown when there’s someone who can help you get back on your feet. Just like the payday loan option, it’s important to create a plan that allows you to pay back the loan as quickly as possible as to avoid damaging the relationship.

Sell Items.

Find items around the house that could make you some money. Nowadays, so many people have televisions in each bedroom and tons of electronics. Consider selling the electronics to quickly make a few bucks. Websites like Craigslist are great facilitators for selling items quickly. Make sure to meet in a safe and well-lit place when you’re exchanging goods for money. Yes, it may be tough to let go of your things, but it’s all about perspective—it’s better to be able to have enough money to pay for rent than it is to have a ton of really cool things and no place to live.

Between all of these options, you should be able to produce some income that can go toward your bills. If possible, try to get your family in the hustle. In cases like these, teamwork certainly makes the dream work.

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