The top 5 tips to get an upgrade when you are flying!

Flying has turned out to be a tedious exercise in the present days owing to the inflated fees and hidden charges that show up when you are planning to avail a service. Fortunately, there is still a manner in which you can avail an upgrade to first or business class for a very cheap price and it will be comfortable on your pocket as well when you fly in style. We bring to you a list of the top 5 tips to get an upgrade when you are flying:

The top 5 tips to get an upgrade when you are flying!

Play First Class

If you are planning to fly first class, make sure that you play it well and be nice to everyone in the airport. You should treat the gate agents and flight attendants in a nice manner and even a gate agent will be able to upgrade you to first class. It is all about being good to people. Also, you will have to understand that if the upgrade does not happen before you board the plane, you must fly coach and the chances of getting an in-flight upgrade are bleak.

Dress to Impress

Dressing also has a major role in getting you an upgrade. When the coach is overbooked and the crew has to upgrade someone to first or business class, they will obviously consider someone who looks like they are from first or business class. If you are dressed casually, the crew would not prefer having you among individuals who have paid for the best seats on the plane. Dress like you belong to first or business class.

Understand the Timing

You will have to get the timing right. Generally, the airline crew would be glad to entertain you on a less hectic day and when they have just started their day. Hence, you will have to be nice and talk to them based on their mood. If the crew is in a good mood, they will be glad to offer you an upgrade. You can always play your emotions right, by mentioning how the day or flight is special for you or how important it is for you to be fresh at a meeting later in the day.

Loyalty to an airline pays!

Generally, frequent flyers will end up getting better deals from an airline. They might give you an elite status that will have a lot of perks involved with it. The status these airlines honor you with have a lot of weightage and they will be the preferred ones for an upgrade. Hence, we highly recommend that you stick to a single airline instead of looking for the cheapest fair.

Be ready to shell out a few dollars!

For people who are willing to shell out money or use their frequent flier miles, the upgrades might be available at a cheaper price. Even if you find it tough to book a flight by using your miles, upgrading is easier.

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