Learning From What Your Organs Tell You: Tips For Staying Health [infographic]

So, you are trying hard to lose weight, but are feeling disheartened by your apparent lack of success!

Do you realize that it is not just the food that is causing you to pile on the pounds? Small and niggling habits like love for midnight snacks also cause those sneaky pounds to find a way to your waistline.

Midnight snacks are a big problem for those trying to lose weight because the food you eat close to bedtime does not get enough time to digest. Your overworked digestive system will get the work done by morning, but you wake up less healthy. Most of us love fried and sweet stuff to curb the craving, but the carbs and fats do a ton of harm to our body.

Studies show that midnight snacking is also linked to low self-esteem, where the person always feels like he or she has succumbed to temptation.

Some of us try also to forget grief or sadness by binging on nighttime snacks. At night we are mostly alone and struggle to find a way to overcome the sorrow, and a cheesy pizza is often the pacifier. Boredom and loneliness are other reasons why we binge eat.

The key to getting out of the habit of midnight snacking is to find what your driving forces are. If you are grieving or have suffered a personal loss, then take things slow and try to find ways to keep yourself occupied. Go for a short walk outside or clean up your desk or closet.

Anything that takes your mind off food will be desirable. For others, switch off the TV and make yourself a cup of healthy soup. Keep some chopped fresh veggies in the fridge that can be used to whip up something healthy. Or, you can bake a batch of sugar-free blueberry muffins and toss them into the freezer for a quick bite at night.

The infographic below will help you understand what your vital organs think about your midnight-snacking ways.

A Concise Guide to Staying Healthy – as Told by the Organs
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