6 Skin Fixes for a More Refreshed Face

Does your skin look tired? Are the bags under your eyes becoming hard to ignore? No one wants their face to reveal their age, but it can be hard to fix these issues on your own. Below are six fixes to making the skin on your face look and feel more refreshed!

6 Skin Fixes for a More Refreshed Face

Face Mists

Face mists have been a rage on the market since Evian launched their thermal water, then Avene, among others. Spraying face mists can instantly refresh a tired or dry face instantly. There are two distinctions among face mists: The first is the traditional mist meant for skin care, while the last being a makeup setting mist. The Skincare face mists have many beneficial ingredients that, apart from feeling good once the mist hits the face, have anti-aging ingredients. Makeup setting mists are great obviously after applying makeup, however, they are great on the go because you get that cool mist that locks your makeup in place!

Sheet Masks

There are sheet masks for most skin issues out there. If your skin needs a “pick me up”, getting a mask with Aloe Vera or Vitamin C can help it feel fresh a little more touchable. After cleansing your face, you apply these sheet masks on for 10 to 20 minutes. This is sufficient time for those great ingredients to sink into the skin. The aloe quenches a dry face, making it look more supple and refreshed. Vitamin C is a skin energizer, as well as having the ability to lighten acne scars with hyper-pigmentation. What’s even better is that a majority of sheet masks are very affordable!

Eye Masks and Drops

Our eyes have the ability to make us look wide awake or extremely tired. Applying some soothing eye drops to tired eyes can fake the look of a good night’s sleep. Eye masks that go on the bags can de-puff them, also faking the look of being awake.

A Tingly Face Cleanser

Ingredients such as eucalyptus can give you that cold sensation on your face that can invigorate it, making your skin look awake instantly! Look for cleansers with other natural ingredients like aloe and natural vitamins and minerals.

Refresh from Within

This one takes a little longer, but it is important to drink enough water for the skin to retain moisture and elasticity. These two keep us looking young. Taking a supplement such as biotin may help the skin, and you’d be drinking water anyway!

Professional Help

If your skin needs more help, visiting places such as the Virtual Skin Spa may help. They offer treatments such as the botox, facials, and customized masks.

Hopefully these six skin fix ideas were helpful! What are your favorite skin fixes for a more refreshed face?

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