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When Do you Know It’s Time To Call The Repair Crew? These Tips Will Let You Know When

With the New Year, you probably have a roster of home improvements projects to look forward to, like updating the lobby carpet or even paying more attention to the lighting in and around your commercial building. However, one task you might have overlooked is having your roof repaired.

Granted, roof repairs are not the most exciting home improvement projects, and you might be a bit unwilling to fund the project, but they happen to be one of the most important tasks. The roof deserves a bit of extra attention because leaving it to fall apart leads to extensive damage in your commercial buildings, high energy bills, and exponential repair costs.

To keep a roof over your house this year, here are four things you need to know about roof maintenance and repairs.

When Do you Know It’s Time To Call The Repair Crew? These Tips Will Let You Know When

Going Pro

Always do a visual inspection of your roof after a couple of months. If you see something out of place, call a professional roofing company. For instance, if you have shingles on your roof and you notice stains on the shingles or notice some of the shingles are missing, it’s time to call in a professional.

PRC Roofing Company also suggests moss and mold on roofs is a sign of trouble. Around the same time you notice the mold and moss, you may start to see spikes in your energy bills, as well as leaks during extreme weather. It is also likely that your local repairman is always busy fixing leaks in most of the rooms immediately below the roof. Don’t leave it up to the handyman though. Get trained and licensed professionals to work on the roof.

Maintenance Schedule 

At least make sure you have the ventilation system exhaust vents in your commercial and industrial cleaned regularly. This kind of work calls for a professional eye because after cleaning, high-grade sealant should be used on the pipes and vents. You can check out how the sealant also prevents rusting in exposed pipes at, where you’ll also learn the need to clear all debris and clutter from the gutter to keep them from blocking. Blocked gutters means all the debris is dumped on the roof causing damage.

Your Choice Can Last Almost Forever

When a roof is installed correctly, it can last a lifetime. PRC Roofing Company installs shingle roofs that last for more than twenty years, but they can last even longer with the proper care and maintenance. To make sure your roof lasts this long, make sure you only contract professional commercial roof installers to get the job done using the right components.

People Notice

If your roofing is done right, people will take notice, and you’ll get more tenants in your commercial building. Check out the client portfolio at to see exactly how an attractive roof can get you more tenants. That’s because people see the roof most of the time when they pass by your building. In fact, 40% of what people see from the road is the roof. Also, realtors observe that roofing improvements are the most valuable housing improvement projects.

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