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Remodeling Your Home: How To Save Money On A Complete Makeover

Savvy homeowners save money by being selective about materials and doing work themselves when they have skills to complete it properly. These tips for saving money on home remodeling will get you more makeover bang for the buck you spend. Here are just a few tips for affordable home remodeling:

Remodeling Your Home: How To Save Money On A Complete Makeover

Do Work Yourself Where Possible

Labor costs account for as much as 35 percent of common remodeling projects such as kitchen renovation. That’s big savings when you can do the work yourself. The demolition side of the equation – removing old cabinets, countertops, bathroom fixtures and flooring, for example – is the easiest place to save. If you tackle installation yourself, make sure you have the capabilities required because messing up the job will cost you more in the end.

Be the General Contractor (GC)

If you hire a GC, expect the job to cost up to 20 percent more than if you hire all the contractors yourself. This is the fee for the GC managing the project. If you take on that role, schedule the contractors in a logical way to keep the project on schedule. In order: framing construction, rough carpentry, rough plumbing and electrical, installation of flooring, finish plumbing and electrical, fixtures and cabinets and then finish carpentry.

Reface Cabinets Instead of Replacing Them

Putting a new veneer face on cabinetry will cut costs over new cabinets by 50 to 75 percent depending on whether you use laminate ($), thermofoil ($$) or genuine wood veneer ($$$). Painting the cabinets instead of replacing them will cut costs by as much as 90 percent. This can really end up saving you a lot in the long run.

Build Energy Savings Into the Project

If you’re updating appliances or cooling equipment, spend a little bit more upfront to get long-term energy savings that will pay you back. LED lighting cuts cost over standard lighting. Another idea is to install exterior Shutterflex awnings to limit exposure to the radiant heat of the sun that can cause your air conditioning to work harder. Energy-efficient updates make your home more environmentally friendly too.

Use Salvaged Building Materials

Salvage companies like Adelaide & Rural Salvage have good-quality used materials across the spectrum including timber slabs, floorboards, plumbing and light fixtures, pavers, tile, fencing and gates. The savings on lightly used materials can be fantastic.

When you’re willing to invest more of your time and effort into the project – doing some of the work, scheduling contractors and hunting for bargains – the tradeoff will be a more affordable home remodel and the pride that comes with a job well done.

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