Fertility Fears and 4 Options for You to Consider

Some people describe parenthood as a magical thing, but what makes you a parent is a lot more broad than you might imagine. One in eight couples have trouble getting and staying pregnant, but this issue does not symbolize the end of partaking of the joys of parenthood. There are other options you can consider, such as the following.

In-Vitro Works

In-vitro fertilization may be a little invasive and may even sound futuristic, but it has been quite successful. Your doctor will basically fertilize an egg and sperm in a lab before inserting it into the mommy. Now, those who have a partner who is infertile will need to consider a donor for the sperm or egg. The benefit here is that the mommy-to-be can still carry a bundle of joy for nine months.

Foster Care

If you are not able to have children, you may want to consider becoming a foster parent. Of course, there are a few prerequisites for becoming a foster parent, such as being 21 years of age and passing background clearances. You must also be in good physical health and accept that your home will be visited to make sure it is suitable for children. The hard part about this option is that you may become attached to children who may be in a temporary placement with you. The great part, though, is that you’ll be able to show some love and kindness to children who may have never had a real family environment. It’s definitely an invaluable experience!

Adopt a Bundle of Joy

Another great option is adoption! Yes, there are a number of requirements that you will have to meet, but that is only to make sure that you are capable of providing for a child and ready to be a parent. Adopting means that you will be that child’s real and actual legal parent. With adoption, it’s almost like you get to shop for and choose your child. If you’re wanting a baby, you can go to an adoption agency, like A Child’s Dream, and make your desires known. If you’re more so interested in adopting older children or those with special needs, then you may want to look for agencies that offer those types of adoptions.

Embrace Being an Aunt or Uncle

Family can be as close as you want it to be, and being a good aunt or uncle could be your way of experiencing parts of parenthood. Of course, not everyone has nephews or nieces. If you do, though, then you can be there to nurture your nephew’s or niece’s young mind, share some of your experiences, and support them throughout their life. Not only will you get a taste of parenting, but you will also be helping your family by engaging in a very influential role.


Dealing with fertility issues can be tough and there are really no words that can justify that experience. Hopefully, however, the above tips will be able to help you realize that there are doors still open to you.

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