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What are the Different Kinds of Funeral Services?

Funerals are a way to say good bye to a loved one. This allows the persons who are left behind to get closure, to deal with their grief and emotions, and also to find comfort and solace, as well as to celebrate the life of the person who has passed away. It also is a means where acquaintances and friends can get to pay their last respects to the one who has passed away and offer comfort and solace to the grieving family members.

What are the Different Kinds of Funeral Services?

The Different Kinds of Funerals are:

  • Traditional Funerals: These have a visitation or a wake, where the body can either be viewed or not, depending on the wishes of the family members. There is also a formal service which is held and the body is then transported to the cemetery. This includes a number of steps such as embalming of the body, then dressing it up, use of the funeral parlor for the service, and wake as well as the vehicle for transportation of the body as well as the family members, and of course, the casket and the burial plot as well.  These kinds of funerals are the most expensive ones.
  • Instant Cremations: Cremations take place almost immediately after the person has died and there is no embalming in this case or even public viewing. Before the cremation, however, there could be funeral services held or a memorial service which is held at a later date.  During the memorial service it is not necessary that the cremated remains be present.  The ashes could be scattered in a favorite place or else in an urn which is kept by the family or it could be buried in a cemetery. These are considered to be the environment-friendly options and these are less expensive also.
  • Cremation with Traditional Services: In this case, the deceased can be made available for viewing depending on the discretion of the family. The funeral service either is conducted at the home of the deceased, or at the church, and when the service has been concluded, the body is then transported to the crematorium for cremation.  Once cremated, the remains are then taken to the funeral home and given to the family.  The family then decides as to what needs to be done with the remains.
  • Direct Burials: Direct burials do not consist of viewing of the body and these take place immediately after the death. There is no embalming.  There could be a memorial service which is held later –either at the gravesite or somewhere else. This is a cheaper option to a traditional burial.
  • Green Burial: This is an alternative for those who are concerned about the environment. In this, the body is put in cardboard or other material which is biodegradable or it is wrapped in a shroud. Then it is laid to rest in a woodland or park which is called an eco-cemetery. These places have trees or they could have flat stones which mark the grave.  They do not have monuments of marble or granite. There is no embalming done nor are there metal or plastic caskets used or even concrete vaults. This also makes them a less expensive option.
  • Home Funerals: These are different from traditional funerals and these are uncommon. In this case, the family members bathe and dress the body and keep it for viewing. They do not embalm the body buy preserve it on dry ice for the funeral period which lasts for 3 days. This is not only cheaper but it is more psychologically healing as the family members during the period can accept death and they heal more quickly.

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