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10 Benefits Of Doing Physio Pilates While You’re Pregnant

One of the most powerful and suggested forms of pilates is physio pilates, which is a complete body-conditioning programme. It works really well for all individuals, especially pregnant women, because it is not very strenuous and combines extensive understanding of body biomechanics along with Physiotherapy discipline.

10 Benefits Of Doing Physio Pilates While You’re Pregnant


Some benefits of doing the same for pregnant women –

1.Helps in maintaining healthy weight

One of the biggest benefits of doing physio pilates for women is that it helps in controlling the pregnancy weight. Sure you should gain healthy weight during pregnancy and not really go overboard. Doing these exercises helps to avoid gaining excessive weight and keeps your body in much better shape.

2.Strengthens the leg muscles

Women are unable to do stomach exercises during this period but working on areas like the legs, calves and gluteus ensures that you are strengthening the lower part of the body and getting support. In particular this is highly recommended for natural birth benefits.


These Physio Pilates are known to relax the muscles of the body along with working on core areas. This is a good workout that releases endorphins and thus helps in keeping you relaxed and happy. This also helps to fight a lot of pregnancy related hormone issues.

4.Sleep better

Because you are working out and tiring out some muscles of the body, you are likely to feel energized right after the workout. But because the muscles also need time to relax, you are also able to get better sleep during the night or nap times. Hence, physio pilates helps induce natural sleep for pregnant women, which is often a problem.

5.Faster recover post birth

A lot of women assume that they will exercise after birth and get back in shape. But the truth is that doing workouts during pregnancy strengthens the muscles of the body, which in turn ensure speedier recovery. Research shows that doing Pilates moves helps in postpartum recovery at a much faster pace.

6.Adds to flexibility

A lot of pregnant women experience issues when they are getting in and out of bed or even sitting up after a long period of lying down. But with these physio pilates you are able to reduce this pressure. It adds to your flexibility and helps you in getting up and around much faster as compared to women who are not exercising.

10 Benefits Of Doing Physio Pilates While You’re Pregnant


7.Enhances balance

Because of hormonal and body changes, a lot of women tend to experience issues with balance. They tend to wobble and also suffer from imbalance issues. Doing these physio pilates helps to improve their balance and posture and thus gives them better control when walking and moving around.

8.Strengthens the Kegel muscles

Another issue that a lot of women suffer from during pregnancy is very tight Kegel muscles. Doing physio pilates helps to make those muscles more flexible, this is again imperative for a natural birth. So ensure that you are able to do this exercise during the later trimesters.

9.Better breathing

Controlling breathing too is crucial during your delivery period. And with this form of Pilate’s exercises, you are able to get a better grip on your breathing. It also helps you in becoming stronger from the core.

10.Minimizes back pain

Back pain is one of the most common issues that pregnant women complain of and physio pilates helps to reduce this back pain drastically.

Do consult with a doctor before starting or doing these exercises and don’t strain yourself by over doing the same. You should stop when feeling a little bit of discomfort too.

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