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Is A Master Planned Community Right For Your Lifestyle?

A master-planned community (MPC) puts amenities at your doorstep. Imagine not having to drive far afield to find a store or service when everything you need is only a short walk or drive away from your front door. You’ll find plenty of entertainment available, whether it’s planned by management or hosted at a venue in the area. Additionally, you’ll have access to parks and trails that you can use for leisure or exercise. Discover whether an MPC is right for your lifestyle.

Housing Designed for Your Needs

Is A Master Planned Community Right For Your Lifestyle?

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You can find a home that fits your current stage of life no matter whether you’re slowing down or keeping up with the kids. MPCs focus on attracting people of all ages to create a rich environment.

In order to meet that focus, homes accommodate the needs of families, empty nesters, and retirees. Drawing in people at different stages of life gives rise to the potential of creating a community where everyone knows everybody. Larger homes are available for more people, and smaller homes with one floor serve those who need less space and stairs to meet this goal. Essentially, all residents have a home that they can live in comfortably.

Amenities for Everyone

Amenities are another area of community living that MPCs attend to for their residents. An MPC such as the Santa Rita Ranch in Austin, Texas, gives residents a variety of activities to do without having to go far from home. This MPC include pools for adults and swim parks for kids, club houses where residents can get together for a meeting or party, and exercise equipment strategically placed along trails.

The idea behind amenities is encouraging people to get outside of their homes, socialize with one another, stay fit, and have somewhere to go. Additionally, building an MPC is easier when people can get to know their neighbors through the shared use of amenities spread throughout the MPC.

Paying Dues Isn’t a Bad Deal

You can’t ignore the fact that dues and fees are a part of living in an MPC. But you benefit directly from those dues through maintenance of green space, recreational amenities, and other features that are part of the landscape. These items may seem unappealing on the surface, but they’re not much different from paying an assessment while living in a condo.

Additionally, while some of your assessments cover services such as garbage removal and maintenance, the rest goes into a fund to take care of future repairs. With an MPC, however, your money gets allocated toward maintenance, upgrades, landscaping, and more for the benefit of all who call the community home.

MPCs work for people who are seeking an urban experience in a suburban environment. The idea of an MPC is to bring amenities close to home and reduce the need to drive everywhere in much the same way as urban living amenities. MPCs help simplify life, bring people together, and create community in a similar way as downtown communities and urban districts.

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