5 Unconventional Ways of Getting a Guy to Like You

Isn’t it getting kind of annoying to be constantly trying to find a way to make him go absolutely nuts about you? We feel you, sister. Sometimes, we’d love to stumble upon an article discussing HIS obsessions over getting YOU to like him – but hey… it is how it is, so let’s just work together on what we know and make it count.

5 Unconventional Ways of Getting a Guy to Like You

Truth is – there aren’t as many rules as you’d think, especially not those that apply to all guys ever (after all, everyone’s different). However, there is some helpful dating knowledge that can definitely help in snatching your crush!

We’re presenting some helpful first date tips, that will do the job right for sure, so pay close attention.

Be a buddy not a flirt

Most girls make the mistake of instantly going into a flirt mode before they even meet the guy for who he is. While that may be cute and hot, it’s a short term deal. He’ll like you for your flirtation attempts but he’ll fail to fall for you and see how cool you are. To get his full attention, be a friend first, someone he can talk to and relax with. Instead of showing up in a mini with your full face on, choose semi-formal attire, just a little bit of makeup and a smile. Let him know you are confident about who you are. He’ll adore you for it!

Get him to talk about his passions

5 Unconventional Ways of Getting a Guy to Like You

For some reason, us women talk more than we listen. We’re, obviously, genetically wired to never keep our mouth shut, which can be a bit annoying sometimes (not to guys only but to other girls, too). While it may sound paradoxical – the moment you shut your mouth and let him talk, that’s the moment he’ll start thinking you are showing interest. He’ll love that you are focused on what he’s got to say and will feel amazing in your company. Plus, listening to him will give you an insight into what he likes, which will serve you later on.

Be as comfortable, relaxed and happy as possible

Guys adore girls who order hamburgers (not salads), laugh, make jokes, have fun and just enjoy their company. Instead of coming to your first date with a pout on and an attitude of a diva, show up with a smile and keep things positive. Imagine you’ve met someone you really love (but haven’t seen for a long time) and relax. Let him guide you or be the queen of spontaneity and suggest doing random stuff you feel like doing at that moment – whether it’s going for an ice-cream or sliding a slide.

Get his blood pumping

5 Unconventional Ways of Getting a Guy to Like You

Instead of going on a typical movie-and-dinner date, get his blood pumping by taking him to a rollercoaster or paddle-boarding. Also, you can take him to your favorite bar where you can shoot pool, play darts or enjoy a karaoke night. Actually, you can go anywhere you like and do anything you want as long as it’s unconventional and somewhat challenging. He’ll love that you are intriguing and fun!

Be open about what you love

Even if you feel like you don’t see eye to eye with your crush on some points, be open about the way you feel regarding certain things/issues. Naturally, skip all possible debates that involve politics and religion – leave that for later in the relationship. Always talk calmly and try not to get too involved in proving your point. Simply, show him you’ve got your own voice and attitudes you live by, and make him understand that that’s okay. The fact you don’t agree on certain matters makes everything even more exciting! How so? Well, there will always be something to discuss and maybe even argue about, which will keep the dynamics of the relationship interesting… and the makeup sex absolutely thrilling!

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