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Facts To Remember Before Planning Your House Extension

Do you want something new in your house?

Are you planning to renovate the house into something different?

If yes, then you should consider a few things before laying out the plan on the papers. There are various laws, rules, and facts in your town and you have to abide by them while planning the house extensions. The facts are not complicated, but yeah you need to consider them while making the changes. Don’t go into the work with blind eyes on the topics like law, design, construction, etc.

Facts To Remember Before Planning Your House Extension

House Extension

So here, we are going to discuss some of these facts to help you gain knowledge about the work you are going to start at your place.

  • Right to light

There is indeed a law under the name of “right to light,” where your neighbour is entitled to have light through one or more windows in their house. Therefore, your construction plan should not override this one, although, decreasing the amount of sunlight is not much of an issue. If your house extensions are blocking a bit of view or light going in the house then it’s not much problem. The law exists in the places where houses are very close to each other.

  • Building Regulations

Initially, in the building regulations, the rooms like WC or shower rooms were needed at certain places only, but now those rules are uplifted and you can construct WCs or shower rooms anywhere in the house where there is sufficient space for the same. However, you need to make sure that both rooms have proper ventilation and natural light to keep the germs and other unwanted things at bay.

  • Ceiling Heights

As per the building regulations, the main clause regarding the minimum ceiling heights is no more active. Although, there is a practical limit, which one need to consider for the same. The regulations always stated that the minimum ceiling heights should be 2.4 m from the floor, but the practical one says that the ceiling should be at least 2.1 m high. In addition, if we talk about that attic in the basement with sloping ceilings then at least 50% of the floor area should be 2.1 m from the ceiling. Remember this in your house extensions plan to make them pass from authority without any red tapes.

Facts To Remember Before Planning Your House Extension

House Extension

  • Basement

The basic reason to go for extensions at your place is due to the lack of area, as well as the need for renovation. In a case of increasing the area adding a basement in the house is a good choice and if you already have one then add the area into it. Because this added space in your house can help you with the storage. The things, which are taking too much space in the home. If it is required only a few days, keep it there with an ease.

  • Know your rules:

Construction from scratch and house extensions has a different set of rules and regulations to be followed. These extensions in the home require some permissions from the authorities before starting the work.

“Some examples of permissions needed are:

    • Home extensions such as for a kitchen, bedroom, lounge, etc.
    • Loft conversions.
    • Internal structural alterations, such as the removal of a load-bearing wall.
    • Installation of baths, showers, WCs that involve new drainage or waste plumbing.
    • Installation of new heating appliances.
    • New chimneys or flues.
    • Altered openings for new windows.”

The above five facts are the basic ones, there are much more, which you need to consider while laying out the plan for your house extensions. So, think wisely before making the decision.


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